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“Wake up Charlie Mayfield! Pay #johnlewis cleaners a #LivingWage! #CitizensUK #bearandhare http://thndr.it/1bXIzGO

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John Lewis is one of Britain’s favourite stores, but while they are celebrated for their partnership model, cleaners who are not partners struggle to get by on little more than the minimum wage.

Cleaners we have spoken to say they ‘feel like a rat in a palace’.

When partners receive their bonus payments, the cleaners are on hand to sweep up the remains of the party. Yet the cleaners do not get a penny. At Christmas they struggle to find the money to buy presents for their family.

We believe employers that can pay the Living Wage should do so.

This Christmas we are asking Chairman of John Lewis, Sir Charlie Mayfield, to wake up! Just like Bear, and make sure that the cleaners at John Lewis have a place round the Christmas tree.

If John Lewis can spend £7 million on an advert, they can afford to pay their cleaners the Living Wage.

You can help!

Join the campaign by signing up to be part of our Thunderclap twitter campaign – sign up to tweet our message telling John Lewis Chairman Charlie Mayfield to wake up and pay a Living Wage to his cleaners.

The background:

Citizens UK has been in negotiations with John Lewis for almost three years to persuade them to become an accredited Living Wage employer.

John Lewis maintains that the bonus and discounts package they offer Partners is equivalent to the Living Wage. However cleaners at the firm are outsourced and therefore do not receive Partnership benefits.

Last year John Lewis undertook a review to consider whether to take the cleaners back in house. In November they ruled the cleaners were not Partners.

Efforts are now being concentrated on putting pressure on the Partnership to ensure that all sub-contracted cleaners are paid a Living Wage.

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We are Citizens UK, an alliance of local Community Organising groups all across London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Milton Keynes and Nottingham. We bring together civil society to work together for the common good. We are passionate about social justice and believe that the Living Wage is a crucial part in bettering society as it makes good social, moral and business sense.

There are now over 500 accredited Living Wage employers, but few in the retail sector. We believe John Lewis should pave the way by paying its cleaners a fair wage.

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