Open source Payment Gateway
“Paste a line of CODE and get all the Payment gateways in the world integrated in your website. Save TIME coding !
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Kaviraj Kaliamoorthy
We are Software developers . Day in & Day out we integrate various Payment gateways to customers websites on demand . Having to do the same work again and again ...grew to a frustration ... So we started this effort to aggregate all the Payment Gateways in the world and create an Universal API ....using which anyone can effortlessly bring in all the Payment gateways in your site in a snap .
Open source Payment Gateway
- Everyday a new Payment Gateway is born ...
- Each Gateway has its own coding approach ....
- Different customers want to pay via. Different Payment Gateways ....

Its a pain to bring in all these Payment gateways in our site - involves repeated coding for each & every Payment gateway ... again & again !

Lets put a STOP to this frustration !

  • How about a UNIVERSAL API for all the Payment Gateways ?
  • How about a single line of code that brings in all the Payment Gateways of your choice into your website effortlessly ?

This is a bold approach to create an UNIVERSAL API , that makes integrating all the PAYMENT GATEWAYs to your site a BREEZE ...

The aim is to make your life easy .... as easy as just pasting a line of code and getting all the Payment gateways of your choice inside your website !

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