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“It's rare. Genetic. Often misdiagnosed. Help more people learn about Gaucher disease during Gaucher Awareness Month http://thndr.it/1jeGQEp

Gaucher on the Map
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In support of Gaucher Awareness Month, during October people in every state across America will take action to help others learn about an inherited rare genetic disorder called Gaucher disease.

Gaucher disease affects about 1 in 40,000-60,000 people worldwide. Some of the signs and symptoms associated with Gaucher disease are similar to those of other more common disorders, so it can take months or even years for people with Gaucher disease to get an accurate diagnosis. By helping more people learn about Gaucher disease, we can help to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis. All it takes is a few clicks to ‘light up’ your state and help us reach hundreds or even thousands of people with informative, inspirational and fun messages about Gaucher disease.

To put your state on the map, visit GaucherOnTheMap.com.

To learn more about Gaucher disease visit https://gauchercare.com/.



Gaucher on the Map

Gaucher on the Map – October is Gaucher Awareness Month. ‘Gaucher on the Map’ is a national program to encourage people in every state across the country to share information about this rare genetic disorder. Visit GaucherOnTheMap.com to help others learn about Gaucher disease and ‘light up’ your state on a special interactive map. Together we can put Gaucher disease on the map!

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