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“Let’s empower #youth to sustain the planet. Ask world leaders at #UN #ECOSOC to help using #InnovateYourFuture
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UN ECOSOC President
The world’s economic, social and environmental challenges are the concerns of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. A founding UN Charter body established in 1946, the Council is the place where such issues are discussed and debated, and policy recommendations issued. The Council is now putting a spotlight on the potentials of young people as problem-solvers, innovators and actors for development to make sure that the voices of youth are included in important discussions and decisions as world leaders gather for the Council’s annual meeting in Geneva in July 2013.

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They are the world’s youth - more than one billion people - almost 20 percent of the entire population. Poised to change the world and secure their future, young people are coming together to meet the demands for clean energy to protect the environment.

In some countries, young people have succeeded in bringing about political change using social media. They also continue to embrace science to improve access to clean water and safe food.

Advances in medical technology promise to spare nations from the scourge of disease such as malaria and HIV and AIDS.

All young people, regardless of gender, need a solid foundation in the sciences. With it, they hold the power in their hands to transform society, improve economies and sustain the planet.

Show the world you agree by sharing your voice before decision-makers and world leaders get together for the annual meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council in Geneva this July.

Contribute a tweet or a Facebook post before 30 June for release on 1 July. Together we can inspire the world to use science, technology, culture and innovation to improve lives.
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