Change the World through Music
“Reach billions of people with a song, a message, a dream. You don't always need big labels or money, just a SONG.
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Ricky Archuleta
I'm a songwriter and producer. There are thousands of singers, songwriters, and musicians who deserve to be heard around the world. Songs with social messages, love songs, songs just for the fun of it. Don't let commercial radio and other media programmers decide "what you like". Decide for yourself.
Change the World through Music
My family and I are out to prove that your music can bring happiness to countless people around the world regardless of where they live, their culture, or their politics. The web has enabled us to reach out to the masses in ways never before dreamt of.  My blog has pictures, videos, and links to our many songs and projects.  I have been successful sharing my family's original music and messages across the globe.  I want to do the same for others.  We are a home-grown record label with a desire to let the world hear the tremendous talents of unsigned singers, songwriters, rappers, and musicians.  You are missing out on so much talent when you limit yourself to what commercial radio and other media programmers decide you will like.  Decide for yourself.  Visit my blog, listen, "Like" or "UnLike", make suggestions, but most of all, discover and share new music.  Listen to artists like Kev Evan, Tiffy Ri, Crystal Notes, Charlie Rein, Mercy Marie, Luv Ya, Ricky Archuleta, and many more.  Click and visit their facebook profiles. Retweet them.  Suggest other great artists who deserve to be heard worldwide. 
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