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“Thank you to all the healthcare support workers across the UK! You are #OurHealthHeroes! View and share our video http://thndr.me/TA1Fdw

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#OurHealthHeroes – brought to you by Skills for Health and the National Skills Academy for Health

We are starting an online campaign to raise awareness of the support workforce and to say 'thank you' to our unsung healthcare heroes. Please show your support by adding your Twitter and Facebook support.

What is Thunderclap?

Thunderclap is a platform that allows people to pledge a tweet or Facebook message that is concentrated and unleashed at the same time. It is completely safe and will automatically post 1 message on your behalf. In this case at 8am on the 9th February.  

Campaign Background

Did you know that the support workforce makes up 40% of the UK health workforce? These roles are critical, ensuring that hospital and healthcare practices around the UK are running efficiently and effectively. 

Support worker occupations range from clinical support (healthcare assistants, assistant practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapy, porters etc.) to medical administration roles right through to cleaning, catering and maintenance staff, all keeping the cogs of our healthcare system going and often going unnoticed. 

We want to celebrate our unsung health heroes, and are encouraging people to say thanks to #OurHealthHeroes


1.Sign up to this thunderclap and support via Twitter and Facebook. This will mean that on the 9th February you will be taking part in the launch of our support workforce video which we filmed at Southmead Hospital (part of North Bristol NHS Trust)

2. Watch and share our campaign video (available on the 9th February) tagging #OurHealthHeroes

3. Share your personal stories of support workers on Twitter using #OurHealthHeroes @Skillsforhealth @NSA_Health

4.Or comment on our Facebook page and share your message of thanks Skills for Health - Facebook 

To find out more about the support workforce and the campaign we are running please visit:www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/ourhealthheroes 

  • #OurHealthHeroes

    February 10, 2016

    For all those that kindly supported the launch the #OurHealthHeroes campaign - here is a quick reminder of what you can do to keep the momentum and get involved...

    Have you watched the video yet? Check it out and let us know what you think...

    #OurHealthHeroes brought to you by Skills for Health and the National Skills Academy for Health.

    Watch our Thank You video now

    How can you support?

    1. View #OurHealthHeroes video. Like, Share, and Comment! We want as many people as possible to understand just how important the UKs healthcare support workforce is.

    - Share via social? https://youtu.be/7gUnHH9Bh7M

    - Share some tweets (examples provided):

    1. Have you seen this wonderful support workforce video? Check it out https://youtu.be/7gUnHH9Bh7M #OurHealthHeroes
    2. Let's talk about the healthcare support workforce! What an amazing job they do: https://youtu.be/7gUnHH9Bh7M #OurHealthHeroes
    3. Healthcare Support Workers make up 40% of the UK health sector workforce https://youtu.be/7gUnHH9Bh7M #OurHealthHeroes
    4. #OurHealthHeroes campaign is launched by @SkillsforHealth and @NSA_Health check it out: http://bit.ly/SfHOurHealthHeroes
    5. The support workforce play a significant role in the delivery of patient care, they are #OurHealthHeroes http://bit.ly/SfHOurHealthHeroes
    6. Backing support workers development could save millions every year in the UK health sector http://bit.ly/SfHOurHealthHeroes #OurHealthHeroes

    2. Help us promote this worthwhile cause via your social media channels - sharing our posts, adding comments and pledging your social support using #OurHealthHeroes throughout the month of February.

    3. Access information about this campaign including; blogs, news stories, pictures, research papers, statistics, infographics, training and much, much more here: www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/ourhealthheroes (if you are able to host the information link on your website please let us know)

    4. Be a featured supporter through our website - offering insight, writing blogs or alternatively we can provide copy for your website or newsletter? You can get involved my emailing us here: contactus@skillsforhealth.org.uk

    • Are you a support worker? Who are you and why do you do what you do? Tell us via twitter #OurHealthHeroes
    • Are you a patient that wants to say thank you? Tell us via twitter #OurHealthHeroes
    • Want to write a blog about your own experience?
    • Want to host a feature story on your own website about this campaign? Contacts us via email today!


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