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Break From #SingleUsePlastic

by #ActOnClimate category: Education

“Break From #SingleUsePlastic: Save Our Ocean With #INEOSvTHEPEOPLE #noME2 and Personally A Toilet is NOT A Bin!

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Break From #SingleUsePlastic 

Break From #SingleUsePlastic

We invite you to start a journey to comprehend the scale and complexity of the problem with marine plastics litter here with an article written by @robedwards53 ‏entitled "Plastic pollution prompts calls for curbs on industry" published in ( @FerretScot  on Twitter). 

Now, taking you on a boat trip towards the Caribbean for our next tweet: 

Tide of plastic discovered floating off coast of Caribbean island Story via @val_soultrees ‏ 

NOW let's make the connection between #singleuseplastic #PlasticPollution #Fracking and global packaging binge 

STOP! plastic production  


Tweeted:  28 Dec 2017  

Make a personal difference; One FLUSH at a time: 

Your Toilet is NOT a bin! Pee, Paper & Poo @CitytoSeaBrist  #TwitterMoment by  @ClimateLitigate December 28, 2017

Realise that #Fracking Corporation's dependancy on expanding the market for #SingleUsePlastic is PROFIT DRIVEN: 

Break Free From Plastic #INEOSvTHEPEOPLE #noME2 #TwitterMoment by @ClimateLitigate January 2, 2018   



Fueling Plastics Proliferation Break Free From #SingleUsePlastic @ciel_tweets ‏ 

And finally watch @nataliefee on YouTube TEDxBristol @TEDxBristol 


Credits to all tweets contained in links from this thunderclap@FerretScot @nataliefee @robedwards53  @Richard_Dixon @natalieben @russlandia @SustainBrands @channel5_tv @claire_stone @roseveleth   @sascampaigns @charleyross92 @delphinelevialv @PBarczak  @SusanMcCraith @Greentechsystem @EsraDT @zerowasteeurope  @ciel_tweets @TEDxBristol @BellesFitz @selfpwrd @AJDelusion @goingzerowaste @AqualityUK @CECHR_UoD @Globelet @featherytravels @tinybullock @BeachCleanCliff @alexiskeech  @talkfracking @francessinclai5 @ProfStrachan @Aperezsellers @path_water @CitytoSeaBrist @flashforwardpod ‏ @SpindleBiggins ‏  @UnlessPA @RethinkPlastic @Voda_Foundation @SFEvolunteers  @SkyOceanRescue @GheorghiuAndy @val_soultrees @LockedGateLancs @brkfreeplastic @createyourALT @FidraTweets @CatalyseCh 



Break From #SingleUsePlastic #INEOSvTHEPEOPLE #noME2 :

We are UNITED on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr in oposition to plastic pollution and fossil fuels used in the manufacture of 97% of all plastics.

We share a wonderful TEDx Talk from the UK highlighting a direct route for personal plastic products used; to the sea, via toilet flushing; buds, wipes, cigarette filters and sanitary products into the sea.

We are opposed to plastics on multiple levels related to pollution, energy(in)justice, extinction of biodiversity to #SaveOurOcean and safeguard a future for humanity on this planet. The packaging and #SingleUsePlastic binge only serves to accelerate climate chaos. The main ingredient of such plastics is oil, fracked gas or coal unprofitable to burn. All techniques result in methane leaks and heavy water demand, plus public health, tourism, housing and pollution: all negative impacts.

We would like to share with a collection of tweets (frozen in time); as the main link in this New Year's Thunderclap. Additionally we focus awareness on the toilet route of plastic into the sea, plus the illusion corporations maintain that a packaging and sanitary products binge is good for us.

At a time when all fossil fuels need to be phased out and global warming arrested at #1o5C to survive; it is ecocide that fossil fuel corporations and plastic manufactures are willing to hit the planet's brink of pollution, biodiversity loss, species extinction (including humans) water, air and contamination of all living organisms by employing destructive, obsolete methods purely to return a profit .

Ban #SingleUsePlastic
#BanFracking Everywhere

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