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Phobos Vector Prime

by Gunstar Studio category: Crowdfunding

“Phobos Vector Prime is a space shooter singleplayer + MOBA up to 6 players. Support it on Kickstarter!

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Gunstar Studio
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On January we will launch a Kickstarter campaign for our first video game, Phobos Vector Prime, and your support is priceless!

Phobos Vector Prime is an indie game space shooter with singleplayer campaign and MOBA up to 6 players online. You can acquire and equip your spacecraft with the latest gear and display different types of minions depending on your combat style:

  • TWO GAMES IN ONE: Inmersive singleplayer campaign and MOBA up to 6 players.
  • LEAD AN ARMY: You can summon differents types of minions depending on your gaming style
  • DOMINATE THE BATTLEFIELD: Wide variety of maps in which team must be quickly coordinate to get advantage over the opponent
  • EVERYBODY CAN PLAY: Accessible for all audiences. Softer learning curve than other games
Arcade as never before
Spaceships, arcade machines, good music, friends... We mixed the best eighties vibes with the latest technology to bring you a great and crazy competitive game.

But… who are we?

We are Gunstar Studio, an indie studio based in Seville. We started working on Phobos Vector Prime, our first game, on June 2016. Later, in January 2017, PlayStation Spain elected us to join the PS Talents Games Camp program, a workspace for the development and annual launch of innovative games.

You can support us through Facebook or/and Twitter with a post during the campaign launch day.


  • New deadline and launch date!

    November 2, 2017
    Have you seen that our Thunderclap campaign has a new deadline? This is due to a change on our planification: we're moving the Kickstarter campaign to 15th January 2018 because we will launch the game on PS4 right when the Kickstarter ends on February 2018. We hope that you understand our new planification, that only seeks a improvement of the game.

    If you supported our campaign with Facebook your message will no longer works, so if you continue wanting to help us maybe you can click the "Opt out" button and support again our campaign.

    Thanks y'all for your support! Phobos Vector Pime will be only possible with your help!

    Remember that you can follow us on:

  • First Goal Achieved! Thank you! Take this reward

    September 19, 2017
    We've reached our first goal on Thunderclap! Your support will help us to continue developing Phobos Vector Prime and we want to thank you with this small reward: you can download here a high-resolution wallpaper starring a Milician spacecraft fliying by a space desert.

    But let's make this more interesting... We want to reach more people, so if you help us to spread the word and achieve 200 supporters we will start a giveaway for the Thunderclap's supporters whose winner will receive a personalized portrait Phobos Vector Prime-styled like this. Do you want to participate? Share this campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!


Gunstar Studio

We're an indie game studio located in Seville, Spain. We're currently developing our first video game, Phobos Vector Prime, a space shooter that has singleplayer campaign and MOBA up to 6 players online.

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