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by Louise Romain Watson category: Education

“Join the launch of Circle of Voices, an ethnographic multimedia journey with young Indigenous women of Quebec

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Louise Romain Watson
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Launch of

In the winter of 2016, I landed on Turtle Island for the first time. I was struck by the resilience and pride of Indigenous peoples, together with the suffering and systemic injustice they are facing. As a digital anthropologist with Western origins:

  • Circle of Voices is my undertaking to present the stories of young women, and how they navigate being Indigenous in the 21st century. 
  • Circle of Voices is my attempt to challenge the traditional ways of representing academic research, by bridging it with new technologies and the arts.
  • Circle of Voices is my offering to raise awareness about ongoing colonialism and patriarchy, and support the defense of Indigenous rights.

Can you determine the future of your Nation and your people if you don’t know your roots?
The research project explores cultural revitalization through land, language, art and spirituality. On you will find rich multimedia content displaying traditional practices, inter-generational dances, participatory photography workshops, sound recordings, personal narratives and sharing circles. 

Besides, Circle of Voices on social media wishes to offer a digital space to share stories of pride, hope and resilience of Indigenous youth. We hope to use these tools to:
* Counteract the negative representations of their cultures and their identities displayed by the media.
* Support the youth experiencing isolation, discrimination and marginalization.
* Contribute to the digitalization and the dissemination of Indigenous knowledge and rights.

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Louise Romain Watson

I'm a digital anthropologist and aspiring activist-researcher with European roots. I believe that academic research has a role to play in enacting social and political change.

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