How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021

Instagram is a highly competitive platform and has only continued to grow with over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. If you’ve used the platform for a while, you may have noticed a little blue checkmark next to some usernames. 

What is this little blue checkmark, and how can you get one? 

This blue checkmark represents Instagram verification. Instagram implemented this verification on the platform to help uphold the integrity of their users and ensure that anyone looking for a public figure or official organization can find true and valid information without being tricked.

If you look up any celebrity, you’ll see a bunch of fan pages— without the blue verification checkmark on Instagram, it’d be very tough to know the real from the fakes. 

So, for this reason, any accounts that get verified on Instagram have been seen as more reputable, more important, and ultimately accounts that have high value because they were awarded verification. 

While Thunderclap, and any other outside source for that matter, can’t offer you Instagram verification, there are a few different things you can do to get verified on Instagram, and we’ve got your go-to guide here. 

You can actually request verification from Instagram itself, and it’s a daily simple process. We’ll walk you through the process in the following section and explore a few more ideas related to Instagram verification and how to get it. 

How to Get Verified on Instagram 

verified instagram tick

The process you need to follow to request Instagram verification is a simple one. The first thing you want to do is ensure that you are logged into the account you desire to have verified and not a different or personal account. Some users are logged into both their personal account and professional account at the same time, so make sure you request it from the proper account’s settings. 

Now, here’s how to request verification on Instagram: 

  1. Visit your Instagram profile page by tapping your profile picture icon in the bottom right corner. 
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top right of your profile. 
  3. Select Settings, and then navigate to the Account option from the settings menu. 
  4. Scroll all the way down and find the Request Verification option and select it. 
  5. You will see the application form appear, which is very brief; it will have already populated your Instagram username and will then ask for your full name. If it’s a business account, you should put in the person who owns the business or can be proved as the person who is connected to the business. 
  6. You will then be required to attach a photo of your ID or official business documents to confirm that the account is legitimate and that you are not an imposter. You can attach a government-issued ID such as a passport, national ID card, or driver’s license; for a business, you can submit tax filings, recent utility or other bills, articles of incorporation, etc. This is required to review the request 
  7. You can either take a photo directly from the phone once you tap Choose File, or you can upload a file that you have stored on your phone.
  8. Once that’s uploaded, tap Send to submit your verification request to Instagram for review. 

What Happens Now? Do I have a Verified Instagram Account? 

While the process to request verification is simple, actually getting verified on Instagram isn’t quite as easy. You’re not verified the moment you submit your request, and even after submitting the correct information, you may not be accepted at all. 

Your request will be sent to an individual Instagram moderator that will review your account and decide whether or not to approve or deny your verification request. The process typically takes a few weeks, so don’t get worried if in 3 days you haven’t heard anything. 

After you submit for review and the moderator decides, you’ll get a notification on Instagram that tells you whether or not your request has been approved. 

Even if you were denied, that’s not the end of the road— you can apply for verification every 30 days, so after a month has passed, you can get back in there and submit for verification again after you’ve done some work on your account.

Tips to Get Verified on Instagram 

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Instagram has a variety of policies in place in order to help users understand which accounts will be verified and which ones won’t. According to Instagram, you need to make sure that you follow all Terms of Use and Community Guidelines on Instagram. Then, your account should also be, and we quote, directly from Instagram

  • Authentic: Represent a real person, registered business or entity.
  • Unique: Represent the unique presence of the person or business. Only one account per person or business may be verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts. We don’t verify general interest accounts (example: @puppymemes).
  • Complete: Your account must be public and have a bio, profile photo and be active when you apply.
  • Notable: Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity. We review accounts that are featured in multiple news sources, and we don’t consider paid or sponsored media content as sources for review.”

All four of these criteria must be met if you want a verified badge on Instagram, and if you falsify information or use misleading info to get one, they may disable your account altogether. 

Here are some tips to help you get verified on Instagram. 

  1. Follow the rules— if you don’t abide by the rules of Instagram, you’ll never get verified and you may even have your account banned or disabled. 
  2. Be real— your account needs to be authentic and represent a real person, business, creative endeavor, etc. If you simply post a lot of funny memes, this isn’t something that Instagram will consider for verification. 
  3. Be notable— if you don’t provide a high level of value to the Instagram community and don’t have a strong reputation, you won’t be likely to get an Instagram verification. You need to be known to the general public in order to qualify. 
  4. Request verification for one account— You won’t be able to have 10 different verified accounts for all of your endeavors. The only exception to this is if a company has many different locations or languages around the world, such as a franchise like McDonalds or Petco. Petco has a verified account in the US, and also in Mexico, as it is widely known and recognized there, and there is a language need. 
  5. Complete your profile— if your profile isn’t completed and fully-optimized with a bio, profile photo, relevant information, and at least one post, you aren’t going to be approved for verification. 
  6. Have a public (and professional) account— if your account is private, you won’t be eligible for a verified account; most accounts that are verified are professional or creator accounts, so you should also have one too. 
  7. Don’t lie— remember, false or misleading information is going to hurt you and can get you removed from Instagram altogether, so look for ways to build your Instagram profile without providing fake or incorrect information.

Why You Should Get Verified on Instagram 

Instagram knows that people view the Instagram verified badge as a type of status symbol, and they try to combat this perspective in the description of the badge itself. There’s no doubt that regardless of Instagram’s efforts, people see a verified badge and are more likely to trust in this account and care about it. 
After all, one of the requirements to get verified on Instagram is to be notable, so obviously there is some type of honor or reputation that comes along with the badge even though Instagram claims there isn’t.

A verified Instagram account makes us feel cool, important, and also boosts our account’s reputation; however, those are not the only reasons it could be worth it to get one. 

There are three true benefits to Instagram verification: 

  • Protect your account integrity: When you have a blue Instagram verification badge,  nobody else can pretend to be you, copy you, or imitate you. Not only that, when someone searches for you, the verified accounts will show up first and any user will see that you are the real profile and are more likely to tap on your name. You won’t have to worry about losing out on new followers by similar accounts, fake accounts, imitators, or copycats. 
  • Your Instagram ranks better: As we mentioned above, you will appear more frequently in search results on Instagram, which means that getting verified on Instagram also helps you with Instagram SEO. If a person searches for any terms related to your account, you’ll be sure to be recommended because you are verified and confirmed as an authority. These verified accounts will always rank better than non-verified accounts which is a huge benefit to being Instagram verified. 
  • You show that you’re notable: Instagram verification shows that you are a notable business or figure because you’ve been in different news sources and that people care about you and/or your organization. This also shows that people are interested in copying your ideas or creating something similar, and you are the only one verified by Instagram. Anyone who comes across your profile on Instagram, and even your followers, will know by the blue verification checkmark that you are publicly known and a reputable figure or brand.

I Can’t Get Verified On Instagram, What Now? 

It’s clear that getting verified on Instagram is pretty cool, and now you may want it more than ever. What happens, though, if you’ve requested verification a few times from Instagram and they still don’t find you to be eligible for the badge? 

This can be a frustrating and disappointing process, but the verification process on Instagram takes time. One thing you can do is simply continue to work on your brand presence and wait until you have more notoriety and you begin to see fan pages or copycat profiles. 

Once that happens, you’ll be likely to get Instagram verification and you can request again as long as 30 days have passed since the last request. 

Don’t forget— paid or promotional articles don’t count towards your notoriety, so that option is out. 

Instagram verification is desirable, but it’s not the only way to show people that you are a legitimate and trustworthy brand, public figure, or business. Here are some alternatives to build your reputation without Instagram verification. 

The first thing you should do is link your Instagram account onto your personal website or company page. You should also do that in your email signature. 

You can then add your Instagram profile to your other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more. That way, when people visit your other social channels and go to your Instagram, they know that it’s really your account. 

Lastly, you want to keep your account presence consistent by always maintaining a cohesive brand image and using a similar tone in your captions and photo styles in your Instagram content. People will begin to identify you with a very strong brand image which is another positive thing for your profile. 

Hashtags are also a strong way to create another bank of content for your account. You can promote a branded hashtag on your Instagram profile and encourage users to tag content featuring you or your product; you can then post user-generated content to build a stronger community and get more engagement and shares. 

When you use all of these techniques together, you’ll be able to show that you have an authentic and valuable Instagram account even if you don’t have that blue verification checkmark just yet.

Pro Tips to Get More Instagram Followers 

instagram follow

Many Instagram accounts that are verified have large follower counts, but that doesn’t mean you have to get verified on Instagram to build a strong, loyal, engaged follower base.

You simply need to beef up your Instagram strategy and create engaging Instagram content that you post on schedule. You also want to build a community around your brand so that people feel like they’re a part of something. 

Building a stronger reputation with real Instagram followers can take a long, long time when you do it yourself, so consider using a reputable Instagram growth service like Thunderclap to help you get your follower count up. 

When you use Thunderclap, you can buy real Instagram followers either instantly or delivered over a natural period, showing that your profile is growing and also increasing your follower count and engagement levels. 

If you want to increase Instagram engagement, consider: 

  • Creating captions with call-to-actions: ask your followers directly to do something, like “double tap if..” or “tag someone who..”, both of which are great strategies for boosting your engagement. Be creative and ask your followers to participate. 
  • Implementing UGC: when you post content that was created by other users, it shows that people love your products, services, or brand, and makes people see that you’re reputable. Not only that, others will begin to do the same with the hopes of being featured. 
  • Hosting a giveaway: hosting a giveaway on Instagram can help you to get more Instagram followers and engagement at the same time because in order to enter the giveaway, they must follow your account and like your content. You want to use these sparingly, but if you partner with other accounts, this can be a big way to get your profile seen and boost followers and engagement on Instagram. 
  • Using Instagram stories: people frequently interact on Instagram stories with different stickers like questions, polls, quizzes, and more. Using these stickers show that you care about your audience, are active on Instagram, and will encourage them to engage with your stories and even to check out your profile.

In terms of optimal posting times, you should know some information about your target audience and demographic so that you can figure out what time they’re likely to be online. Because posts aren’t shown to users in chronological order anymore, you want to make sure that you stick to a consistent schedule and boost your engagement so that your content will have priority in your followers’ feeds. 

Instagram insights offer valuable information about all of those things, so be sure to take advantage of it to better understand your audience’s peak times. 

Finally, you should aim to build an Instagram community that helps people to feel like they belong to something special. The beauty of Instagram is that it can be used to make authentic and meaningful connections with brands and businesses, something that simply wasn’t possible before. 

Take advantage of this by responding to their comments, asking questions, sharing their content, and always including your follower base in some way. When your followers are at the center of your Instagram strategy, people will be drawn to you and you’ll see an increase in follower count. 

Final Thoughts: How to Get Verified on Instagram 

While Instagram verification does have its benefits and an easy verification request form, it’s not going to be a possibility for everyone, especially if you have trouble gaining notoriety for your brand, business, or profile. 

Does that mean you can’t have a successful Instagram platform? Absolutely not! There are tons of strong accounts on Instagram that have hundreds of thousands of followers and aren’t verified. Don’t take it to heart. 

You can still create something meaningful and profitable on Instagram without the Instagram verified badge if you follow our steps above; if you feel that you haven’t gained traction and are still missing Instagram followers, check out Thunderclap to get your growth on the move.

How to Get 1K Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Are you just starting your Instagram account and ready to get your first 1,000 followers?

Or maybe you’ve had a profile for a while and just want to keep building your profile and get 1,000 Instagram followers fast. 

Regardless of your current position on Instagram, getting more Instagram followers can surely be one of the best ways to keep your account successful. 

Brands, businesses, creators, entrepreneurs, and more in all different types of niches are flocking to Instagram to capitalize on the 1+ billion monthly active users the platform holds and expand the potential for their endeavor. 

That said, there is still tons of competition on Instagram, which means you’ve got to find a way to set yourself apart. Even still, it can be a frustrating and long task, taking up a good chunk of your time and putting your workflow off balance.

This is the reason that most people try to aim for 1k followers at first— if you have a measurable goal of just 1,000 followers, you can watch that expansion happen thousand by thousand and it’s a realistic metric that you can actually reach. 

So, what is the quickest way to get 1k followers on Instagram, then? In this article, we’re going to give you a key tip on how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes in addition to pro tips and solutions for growing your Instagram account on the regular. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram Fast


It’s no secret that having a successful Instagram platform requires a community of Instagram followers that are active and engaged with your content. If you want to build your brand, business, influencer status, creative endeavor, or more, the key is to get more Instagram followers to achieve your goals.

When you have more Instagram followers, you’ll be more likely to get seen on a regular basis and can increase your chances of real-life success. While there’s not a completely instant solution to gaining a high follower count, with some patience and strategizing you can get things moving pretty quickly. 

If you want to get Instagram followers fast, there are a variety of third party Instagram growth companies that can help you to expand your efforts. If you truly want to get 1,000 Instagram followers in 5 minutes, your best option is to buy Instagram followers

The difficulty, though, is knowing which companies will provide you with real results and which ones are simply looking to make a profit. There are far more companies out there selling fake and low-quality Instagram followers than ones that will actually help you. 

When you know which company to choose, you can get a quick 1k Instagram followers in a reputable and effective way. It’s important to choose wisely because otherwise, you can actually harm your Instagram account and damage your efforts. 

Because Instagram has many policies and rules in place about how you use the platform and how you grow your account, you should only use trusted options when you buy instant Instagram followers. 

In the following section, we’ll discuss more about instant Instagram followers and what they mean for your account. 

Instant Instagram Followers 

There’s no doubt that you can gain some serious traction for your account when you buy Instagram followers and you can grow your audience in ways that are simply impossible when working on manual Instagram growth. 

This is what you can expect when you buy instant Instagram followers from the top company: 

  • Packages of real Instagram followers: choose how many followers you want to gain 
  • Real instagram followers from real people: authentic Instagram followers that don’t pollute your account with fake or bot followers
  • No password required: delivery doesn’t require any access to your account 
  • Fast delivery: company delivers your followers either instantly or over a natural period of time 
  • 24/7 live support
  • You complete your purchase and your order will begin to be delivered

This is what you can expect when you buy Instagram followers from a reputable company. It can be an extremely powerful way to get a quick infusion of Instagram followers that can actually help your Instagram account succeed. 

If you’re starting from zero or have hit a plateau, this is one of the best options to ensure that things keep moving and you can perpetually get more Instagram followers over time. 

When you buy instant Instagram followers from the right company, you’ll get real results that will help with your long-term Instagram growth. We’re going to share with you the top solution that can help you get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes, or perhaps even up to 25k, depending on your needs. 

Best Company for Instant Instagram Followers: Thunderclap has recently emerged as the top option to get more Instagram followers; they focus solely on Instagram growth and are known as the trusted provider of Instagram followers and engagement. 

With Thunderclap, you can reach your goal and get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes; you can get even more if you so desire. Thunderclap offers the following packages for Instagram followers: 


As you can see, Thunderclap is dedicated to providing their clients with exactly what they need for real Instagram growth over time. They guarantee a few different things with all of their packages: 

  • Instant or gradual delivery depending on your preference
  • Real Instagram followers from real people 
  • No password required
  • 24/7 live support 

The thing that sets Thunderclap apart from other instant Instagram growth companies is that they offer you real likes and story views to help grow your engagement and you can also gain followers in your target audience with smart targeting options. 

Your account safety is also their top priority and they protect your reputation with their secure services. They will ensure that you only get real accounts following you and ultimately care about your results and Instagram success. 

In addition to follower growth for Instagram, Thunderclap also offers packages for Instagram likes and Instagram views. You can also take advantage of their Instagram auto-likes package so that your content will always have the social proof it needs to thrive. 

Thunderclap has a well-designed website that offers you the information in the form of a FAQ and also makes their methods and services clear and transparent. They are way ahead of their competition and are the best in the market if you need instant Instagram followers and engagement. 

Benefits of Real Instagram Followers 


When you get more real Instagram followers, you’ll have a huge leg up on the competition. Put it this way— if you see an account with 100 followers, and another with 12k, which one are you likely to follow? 

Social proof makes a big difference in terms of Instagram success, so having a solid reputation through follower count is important if you want to continue to grow over time. 

Here are the top benefits that you’ll enjoy when you get more real Instagram followers. 

More Followers = More Engagement 

If you have a high number of real Instagram followers, more people will see your content on a regular basis. Your posts need to have many likes and comments in order to gain more natural reach and be ranked as popular, so it’s clear that more real Instagram followers can help you do that. 

When the majority of your Instagram followers are fake and bots, you will see zero increase in your engagement and your profile will become suspicious. If you have 25,000 Instagram followers and an average of 50 likes on each photo, it’s not hard to tell that something is amiss. 

Real followers, on the other hand, will actually care about your content and engage with it on a regular basis. This will help you gain credibility and continue to enjoy more engagement on your content. 

More Natural Reach 

When Instagram first started, the posts were displayed in chronological order; that changed when they altered their algorithm to show content based on what people actually wanted to see. How is that determined? There are many factors, but primarily via post engagement. 

If you get no post engagement, your content will be seen by virtually no one. If you want to have a strong performance against the Instagram algorithm and gain more natural reach for your content, you need to have real Instagram followers and engagement. 

What’s more, you may even make it up to the Instagram Explore page if you get a lot of engagement on your posts. How can you get more engagement? Have real Instagram followers that care about your content. 

Higher Credibility and Stronger Reputation 

Social media success is based highly on social proof. When people follow you, like your content, comment, and share, it shows that your content is desirable, and others are more likely to be interested in it. 

People want to be a part of successful and popular communities, which is why social proof is so important. If you can demonstrate that popularity, you’ll be able to generate more interest in your profile, gaining more Instagram followers and engagements. 

People also don’t want to follow accounts that are spammed with bots and fake followers. It’s not difficult for the average Instagram user to spot fake or bot profiles, and they can tell when you buy fake followers that don’t do anything for your account. 

If you truly want to build a strong and lasting reputation on Instagram for your brand, business, or persona, you must have real Instagram followers that help you to establish your credibility and reputation. 

Real-World Results 

Last but not least, it’s likely that you’re on Instagram to achieve some real-world goal, such as generating more leads for your business, building a fan base for your music, monetizing your Instagram content, and more. 

Bots and fake followers aren’t going to help you do this in the slightest. They won’t ever buy from you, they won’t show interest in your content, they won’t leave comments or send DMs, and they certainly won’t recommend you to any friends. 

If you want to get real results and boost your revenue or visibility using Instagram, bots and fakes are essentially worthless in doing so. You need to have real followers to see real-world results. 

When you get more real Instagram followers, you see real business results, partnerships, engagements, and ultimately, more success. 

Pro Tips to Get More Instagram Followers 

Now that we know a bit more about why you need real Instagram followers, let’s talk about what you can do to make sure that you get them. 

If you buy instant Instagram followers, that’s great, but it shouldn’t be your only strategy to get Instagram followers. When you buy Instagram followers, having other strategies in place can actually enhance the results and you may see double or triple the growth in the long term. 

Knowing how to facilitate real Instagram growth on your profile is a real necessity for anyone who is looking to establish themselves on Instagram. It’s very easy to sit back and do nothing after buying Instagram followers, but if you do that, you are shooting yourself in the foot. You need to continually work towards your Instagram goals, instant Instagram followers or not. 

Remember, people can unfollow you, and if your content stinks or you are inactive and inconsistent, people are unlikely to engage with your content. Both of these things will kill your Instagram growth. 

If you want to continue to build a strong Instagram empire, it’s important to employ various strategies to get more Instagram followers and engagement. Here we’ll discuss 4 Instagram hacks to help you continue growing your Instagram account and amplify the results you get from instant Instagram followers. 

Develop a Content Strategy 

To truly have an effective Instagram account that delivers results, you need a strong Instagram content strategy. This means you need to consistently produce something that your followers want to see and something they find valuable enough to engage with. 

You’ve got to have well-created images, solid editing, and aesthetically pleasing images. Know exactly what type of content your followers want to see so that you can create it and always get the levels of engagement that you need on your posts. 

One way to determine what your followers (or target audience) want is to reference top competitors in your niche. Check out their Instagram profiles and note the elements that make them unique and attractive to their followers and new viewers. 

You don’t want to copy them, of course, but using the content ideas as models can help you to find what works for you and create something meaningful that will make an impact on your followers. You can also do market research on Instagram stories (more on that later). 

Your content needs to stand out for best results, so make sure that you always work to provide something that impacts your followers and attracts new viewers. The content you create should also take advantage of all the features of Instagram content formats. 

Instagram has come a long way, and you now have many types of content you can create, such as Instagram stories, in-feed photos and videos, carousel posts, Instagram Live, IGTV, reels, and shoppable posts. 

Create a mix of those things and don’t simply do whatever you feel like. Your Instagram content needs to be intentional and if you don’t have a strong content strategy, you are unlikely to see lasting results in terms of follower growth, even if you work with an Instagram growth company. 

Use Effective Hashtags 

Hashtags are another vital element to Instagram success; hashtags make content discoverable through Instagram hashtag feeds, meaning that you can reach more users in your target audience when you use the right ones. 

If you create an effective hashtag strategy and work with an Instagram growth service, you’ll be seeing exponentially more results and be creating a visible presence for your Instagram content. 

You are able to use up to 30 hashtags per Instagram posts, although most experts agree that anywhere from 4-11 is the magic number. You can place them within your caption, after your caption, or even in the first comment of your Instagram post after it goes live. This will minimize the visibility of hashtags but keep the reach going. 

Don’t use overly generic hashtags or ones that are too popular; because so many people are posting with those hashtags, they’re ineffective for Instagram growth because the content is being pushed down the feed so quickly that no one will see it. 

Use niche-specific hashtags that your target audience is likely to follow. If you need help figuring out which hashtags are best for your Instagram, Task Ant can help you find targeted hashtags that are performing best in your niche. You can create sets for easy posting and view performance analytics and use filters for searching. 

Stay Active on Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories could arguably be called the most popular feature of Instagram. Some users are on Instagram to view stories exclusively, so if you’re not posting stories, you’re missing out on a part of your audience. 

When you have an active Instagram story, anyone who comes across your profile will see a colored ring around your profile picture. This gives them the motivation to check it out, then check out your profile, and can undoubtedly lead to more Instagram followers. It also shows that you are active on the platform and are consistently providing your followers with something to check out. 

You can also use Instagram stories to interact with your followers through different stickers such as polls, questions, ratings, quizzes, and more. This is a great way to communicate directly with your audience and conduct market research to find out what they like, what they want to see more of, and what they don’t really care for. 

Work with a Reputable Instagram Growth Company 

The above three tips are powerful in helping you gain more Instagram followers, and when you work with an Instagram growth company like Thunderclap, your results can be multiplied. 

Be sure to focus on your Instagram strategy or the results that you gain from any paid Instagram growth service will be minimal. It’s easy to blame the service, but if you’re not putting your best foot forward in terms of your Instagram content, captioning, posting schedule, and hashtags, you’re likely to fail regardless of what you do. 

Get cracking on your Instagram content strategy and buy real Instagram followers from Thunderclap to see the best results. 

Wrap-Up: How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes 

With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, there’s a lot of potential for some big moves, although there is also a lot of competition. There are many other best practices for your Instagram account in addition to the ones we mentioned above that can help you to stand out from the crowd and find your Instagram success. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your work is done after you buy Instagram followers. It will help you, of course, but there is no truly “one-stop shop” solution for a successful Instagram growth.

After you have the followers, what is keeping them around? Why should they care about your profile? Don’t ignore this. 

If they don’t care about your profile, there are tons of other competitors in your niche to check out, so don’t sleep on it. 

Take control of your Instagram growth through strategies and meaningful content creation and you’ll be sure to see the results you’re looking for. Your brand image, content offerings, and other efforts will determine how much you grow after you buy instant Instagram followers. 

Thunderclap will help get real Instagram followers for your profile, so give them something to stick around for! Once they start to connect with your content, you’ll see your engagement increase and you may just find that you’ve started to monetize your platform and generate revenue via Instagram.