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“I'm excited to support the dungeon #indiegame #Skelattack on Kickstarter! Show your #gaming support, dungeon crew!

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For centuries, mankind has traveled the land to raid dungeons for riches and glory.
This is not their story.

Support Skelattack on Kickstarter!

Ukuza is deep into development on our indie game Skelattack, the story of an enchanted skeleton named Skully whose dungeon home is being invaded by humans. Along with your bat companion Imber, you must clear the dungeon of the humans and find out what treasure they are seeking.

Skelattack has been in development for over two years. We are close to production-ready but we need your help. With an amazing fan reception at PAX South, new opportunities have opened up that allow us to expand on the development of Skelattack and make the game even more amazing. We need your help to grow the community and spread the word for our upcoming Kickstarter. We are looking to fund the rest of development and add new areas of the dungeon, new gameplay mechanics, new dungeon bosses, and expand on the vast storyline. So pledge your voice and help us make our Kickstarter for Skelattack a success!

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  • Critical Strikes on Supporter Goal! Also, See You at GDC 2018!

    March 18, 2018
    You guys have been absolutely MURDERIZING our supporter goal on Thunderclap! Right now, we are sitting at 212 supporters, wow! But dig this (no gravedigging pun intended): We still need a WHOLE BUNCH of your friends and fellow geeks to add their voice to this campaign!

    As often as you can, please continue sharing and retweeting this Thunderclap link! We need this message to be loud, proud, and larger than life come April 1st, when our Kickstarter campaign goes live! We have a whole lot in store for all of you through the course of Skelattack's development, and we need our Kickstarter to succeed to make all of these amazing plans go from imagination to reality!

    Also, the developers of Skelattack will be going topside to appear at GDC 2018 this upcoming week! If you'll be attending this insanely fun event in the heart of San Francisco, be sure to meet up with us as we crawl through the convention center and say hello! We're always up for talking about our favorite dungeon home, and if you are a pro geek of some sort (developer, distributor, publisher, influencer, etc.) we'll never say no to talking about opportunities and collaborations!

    From everyone in the dungeon crew, thank you! We'll be seeing you in California! And KEEP SHARING THIS THUNDERCLAP LINK! <3 <3 <3
  • Our Bony Fingers are Almost Touching 200! Help Us CLOSE THE GAP!!!

    March 13, 2018

    Because of ALL OF YOU who have decided to jump aboard the Dungeon Express to take this ride with us, we are only 7 SUPPORTERS AWAY FROM 200 ON OUR THUNDERCLAP CAMPAIGN RIGHT NOW!!!

    At Skelattack HQ, working on this game is our daily life. There are no set hours, because there really can’t be; when something needs to be done to ensure our game grows and gets better, it gets done, regardless of the time. We knew we were willing to put in the work, because we’re building something we love no differently than our close friends and family.

    What we would have NEVER been able to predict is how much YOU would love it too. Your support has been astounding, and your willingness to spread the word about Skelattack has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. We love each and every one of you.

    With this knowledges comes our ability to feel comfortable continuing to ask for your help in supporting and sharing this Thunderclap campaign! When you click the link below, you will be taken to a page that allows you to add your voice to the announcement we’ll be making in April: The beginning of our Kickstarter campaign! Each and every Thunderclap supporter will push our Kickstarter message on April 1st, creating a "thunderclap" of awareness for our game and its crowdfunding mission. In other words: your voice makes our success that much more realistic!

    Please click this Thunderclap link, and share it with all of your game-loving, dungeon-crawling, bad-guy-slaying friends, so they can support and share too! We need all of you to make Skelattack peek its head aboveground to say "hello!" From all of us in the Dungeon Crew, thank you, and stay Skullified!!!

  • 150 Supporters Strong! Let's Take it to the Next Level of the Dungeon!

    March 7, 2018
    Thanks to all of you surface-dwelling sweethearts, we just hit 150 supporters!!! 150 of you, in less than a full week's time, have come out to voice your support of Skelattack! As a result, all of you will end up playing a crucial part in making people aware of our Kickstarter coming in April!

    There isn't a day that goes by where the Skelattack team isn't thanking their lucky stars about having you as fans. This labor of love is an intense one, and like all creators, we have found ourselves at the mercy of our own thoughts. "Do they like Skelattack?" Well, it turns out you seem to LOVE it. That alone keeps us going every single day.

    The next step is 175! Will you help us get there?! Tweet the Thunderclap link, share it on Facebook, post it on your Tumblr, and get everyone onboard the Skeletrain!! Once again, thank you for getting us this far! Let's blow the roof off this place and bring the world down into the dungeon! 175, we're coming for ya!!!
  • Over 50% of the way there in less than 5 days! AMAZING!

    March 5, 2018
    In less than 5 days, you have all helped us achieve 50% of our total Thunderclap goal of 250 supporters! Thank you so much for helping to grow the dungeon and we couldn't be happier to have you as part of the dungeon crew!

    We are so close to our 250 supporter goal and we still need your help to get Skully and Imber across the finish line! Please hit the share button and introduce the dungeon to all of your friends on social media. By helping us hit our goal, we can ensure everyone knows about Skelattack to make our Kickstarter a success. Success means new levels, new characters, new bosses, new gameplay mechanics, and even deeper storylines!

    So share away and lets bring Skully, Imber, and this Thunderclap campaign home! Thank you again for your amazing support and we seriously couldn't do this without you. See you in the dungeon!
  • 30% of Our Supporter Goal Reached! WE'RE ON FIRE!

    March 3, 2018
    WOW, Skele-friends! You really know how to come together when the dungeon needs you! Thanks to all of you, our supporters, we've reached 30% of our total Thunderclap goal IN LESS THAN 3 DAYS!!! UNBELIEVABLE! 

    The Skelattack dev team is just shell-shocked at the moment. We always knew we had a strong community around us. Since day one, you guys have been the most fun, funniest, kindest group of fans and friends the Dungeon Crew could have possibly asked for. But we never knew just how quickly you'd drop what you were doing in your day-to-day life to lend your voice to this campaign. To say we are proud of, and humbled by, your response is a huge understatement. We just love you humans so, so very much. <3

    But friends of Skully and Imber, we must continue to press on and slash our way to victory! We call on you, our brave and valiant supporters, to continue spreading the news all over the big ol' interwebz about this campaign! We need all you thunderous supporters to share, retweet, and politely hand this Thunderclap link to anyone you can reach! Can we hit 100 supporters today? 150?! 1,000,000,000? Nah jk we're not trying to make you get a migraine. Can skeletons get headaches with no brain? Whatever, ours can swing a sword and wall-slide. He's probably needed to take a Motrin at some point in his un-life.

    Anyway, thanks again SO MUCH, and keep sharing this campaign, friends of the dungeon!!!



Ukuza in an indie game developer and publisher bringing games with amazing stories and memorable gameplay to market.

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