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Justin Bieber has his Beliebers, Lady GaGa has her Monsters, and Beyoncé has her Beyhive. Whether you’re a solo artist, a band, or a DJ, use Thunderclap to build buzz and word-of-mouth awareness by rallying your most loyal fans to share your message. Artists use Thunderclap to:

  • announce an album launch
  • promote a video release
  • offer special music downloads
  • share a trailer

Past Successes

Tip: Ask about our reward feature to share a secret code or gift with your supporters.

Event Organizer

Generate major awareness for event announcements. Whether you’re promoting a music tour, festival, conference, or an athletic event, Thunderclap lets you engage fans to spread the word and drive attendance. Event organizers use Thunderclap to:

  • announce ticket sales
  • share tour dates
  • reveal a festival lineup

Past Successes

Premio Lo Nuestro
Moment for Jenni Rivera

Tip: Organizing an event with a great headliner or celebrity spokesperson. It goes a long way in increasing your social reach and attracting supporters.


For marketers who want to create engaging, interactive experiences that people will love, remember, and want to share, there’s Thunderclap’s fully customizable white label service. Contact us for more information about our brand and agency plans: contact@thunderclap.it Agencies and brands use Thunderclap to:

  • promote CSR efforts
  • announce a new product
  • run contests and social activations

Past Successes

Procter & Gamble Brasil
Doe Água Limpa

Tip: We’re here to help answer questions and work with you to create a custom strategy for your campaign. Email us!

Political Campaigner

Are you seeking change? Spark a grassroots political movement that leads to massive turnout at the polls. With Thunderclap, supporters can donate their social reach to amplify key campaign issues, messages, and candidates.

  • make major campaign announcements
  • get out the vote
  • fundraise

Past Successes

Cory Booker for Senate
Help elect Cory Booker Tuesday

European Parliament
European Elections 2014

Tip: Got supporters that aren't able to canvas or attend in-person events? A Thunderclap campaign is a quick, easy way for them to spread the word from wherever they are!


Want to share your latest book with your loyal readers? If you’re gearing up for a book launch, announcing a special promotion, or celebrating your spot on the bestseller list, your readers can help spread the good news. Thunderclap's widespread author community uses the platform to:

  • let their readers be the first to announce a book launch
  • share a sample chapter
  • announce a sale or promotion (e.g. an Amazon promotion, 99 cent download)

Past Successes

Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick
The #ArtofSocial Team!

Tip: Leverage your email list to spread the word about your campaign with a simple and actionable email blast.


Thunderclap is a smart companion for any crowdfunding project. Think about it: your most loyal supporters are willing to donate money to fund your project. Those same supporters will likely want to donate their social reach to spread the word. That’s where Thunderclap comes in. Crowdfunders turn to Thunderclap to:

  • announce the start of a crowdfunding campaign
  • generate buzz at the campaign’s halfway point
  • remind supporters that there are only 2-3 days left in the crowdfunding campaign (to attract last-minute support)

Past Successes

Marina Abramovic Institute
Marina Abramovic Institute

Tip: Got a crowdfunding project in draft mode, but want to create your Thunderclap in the meantime? No problem! You can use a placeholder link to set up your Thunderclap, then swap in your crowdfunding project link whenever it’s available.


Raising money for a cause you care about can be rewarding...and challenging. Get supporters excited to contribute and create an easy, fun experience for them to do so. Thunderclap lets your donors participate by donating their social reach in addition to donating money and time. Fundraisers use Thunderclap to:

  • link to their donation page
  • create a sense of urgency for donations
  • coincide with a larger awareness day for the cause (so it’s already top-of-mind)

Past Successes

The Salvation Army
Caring for Kids

Tip: Frame your Thunderclap as a way for your donors to celebrate the fact that they’ve supported you. It’ll keep up the momentum and enthusiasm.

Product Promotion

Working on something innovative? Thunderclap gives you and your friends the chance to be the first to share it with the world. Plus, a Thunderclap campaign is a strategic way to get some early feedback about your product or idea. In the past, organizers have used Thunderclap to:

  • gauge consumer interest before crowdfunding or financing their product/idea
  • announce new product features

Past Successes

Dave Hakkens

Open Access Button
Open Access Button

Tip: Choose our Storm or Pro plan to embed a product overview video on your campaign page.

Social Justice

You’re leading the charge to create change and you’re looking for the best tools to rally like-minded people and make your voices heard. Maybe you’re short on time and need to take action fast. It takes minutes to set up a Thunderclap campaign and start recruiting supporters to flood social media with a message that matters. Grassroots activists and organizers use Thunderclap to:

  • protest an unjust organization, government, policy, or decision
  • get their hashtag trending on Twitter
  • coincide with a protest, awareness day, or government vote

Past Successes

Fight for the Future
Reset The Net

Al Jazeera English

Demand Progress
New Hampshire Rebellion

Tip: Your email database is a valuable tool for promoting your Thunderclap. Send an email blast and include your Thunderclap campaign as an action item.

Government Agency

Thunderclap is approved for federal use and offers agencies a creative way to galvanize citizens around issues and causes that matter. Federal agencies use Thunderclap to:

  • celebrate important dates and holidays
  • promote awareness days for health and safety initiatives
  • recruit other government agencies to join in their efforts

  • Plus, President Obama has supported multiple campaigns and The White House embedded a Thunderclap campaign on its homepage.

Past Successes

The White House
#NowIsTheTime to act

Department of State
Help Protect Our Ocean

HIV Awareness. Take Action!

Tip: Check out the presentation and case studies featured by our friends at DigitalGov (U.S. General Services Administration).