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“Launch history with UNA. Join me in a new and exciting worldwide conversation between men & women. #voicesofhumanity http://thndr.it/1fbL1LR

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Welcome to the United Nation Association - San Francisco’s award winning Gender Crosstalk Initiative. We’re glad you’re here. You are about to launch history.

You will be part of an innovative and exciting worldwide conversation online between men and women.  The conversation is crowd-sourced, compassionate, important and fun. You can participate in the Gender Crosstalk here: http://ugc.iwd.intermix.org.

Once you signed up to the online Gender Crosstalk discussion, you can write a message up to 150 words. You may choose the topic. It can be anything related to your personal experience as a man or woman, your appreciation for the opposite sex, or ruminations, poems or concrete ideas for creating more compassion and equality worldwide.

Millions of girls and women the world over are still being sidelined for such reasons as inadequate medical care or denial of education. Your insights are important from your unique perspective as a man or woman who lives in your special part of the world with the political and religious principles you believe in. How can we help the girls and women we think need it most? Be prepared to take a few minutes to write your message with care.

The conversation has already started and will end on July 26, 2014, deepening our understanding of each other over borderlines and time zones. There will be no hate speech, bullying or harassing. You are free to express whatever is most important to you. This is your conversation.

Then, you will rate the messages, as many of them as you can get to. The two highest-rated messages by gender -- one written by a woman as rated by the women and one from the men – will then be sent as the first ever Gender Crosstalk messages to Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of the United Nations Women, on July 26, 2014.

Love and wit are what everyone appreciates. The winning messages, we’re sure, will express sentiments and ideas we can all be proud of. Humanity will be the big winner.

This will be a monumental moment.

This will be the beginning of many other global conversations to come.

Be sure to “Like” Voices of Humanity on Facebook: facebook.com/IntermixVoH. And, encourage your friends to do the same. You can read more about Gender Crosstalk here: voicesofhumanity.org/a-new-intermix-feature-is-on-its-way-gender-crosstalk.

Many thanks for your thoughts and time and being part of making history and humanity even better.

Finally, don't forget to write your message. Please be sure to add your message to Dr. Mlambo-Ngcuka.

  • Success is Sweet - thank you to all who helped make the thunderclap go

    May 28, 2014
    Hey!  We made the cutoff with a few signups to spare.  Thank you all!  We have launched history here!  The next phase is to actually post our messages to Dr Mlambo-Ngcuka at http://ugc.iwd.intermix.org.  I have posted mine - please post yours.  I'll be in touch best I can if I have your email.  If not, send it to me at Roger Eaton <rogerweaton@gmail.com>.  Thanks again everyone.  It was a cliffhanger, but we pulled it off!
  • Down to the Wire on the UNA Gender Crosstalk

    May 27, 2014
    If everyone who has signed up to receive updates will bring in one more person, we will get there.  We have 83 of the needed 100 and the thunderclap ends on Wednesday.  We do have an ace yet to play: I can push the final date to Thursday, and I will if I have to.  Still, I doubt I can quite get there just with my own outreach.  Personal requests have the best chance, but a tweet or facebook post would be good, too.  Here is the link to send: http://thndr.it/1lg9roU.  Thanks, folks.  We can get there! -- Roger Eaton +1 415 933 0153 rogerweaton@gmail.com

  • Bring in the Men!

    April 22, 2014
    Men and Women, Women and Men,

    We need 70 people to sign up by next week.  http://thndr.it/1lg9roU. The world needs what our Gender Crosstalk has to offer: a whole new approach towards asserting and leveraging our common humanity. 

    Signing up is easy.  All you need is a facebook account -- and a sense of adventure (;-). 

    The idea is to bring in the men.  The human unity we need requires the men to develop that sense of comradeship on a global scale that the women's movement already shares.  Gender Crosstalk can bring in the men!


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