Smart Customer, Stupid Company
“Smart devices are making customers smarter than companies. We want to blast a message to every CEO: wise up, or get out.
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Bruce Kasanoff
Bruce Kasanoff is President of the marketing and innovation consultancy, Now Possible. Michael Hinshaw is Managing Director of the customer experience innovation firm, MCorp Consulting. We are fervent supporters of passionate entrepreneurs and innovators, no matter their age, income or company size.
Smart Customer, Stupid Company

Over the past decade...

...portable computers became ubiquitous, then morphed into ever smaller, more powerful, and cheaper phones and tablets...

...control of information shifted from the media to the forum of public opinion... programming went from something IT departments did very slowly and mysteriously to something nearly anyone can do...

...mass production and consumption of news, entertainment, products, services, and ideas have lost the battle, giving way to personalization and customization.

All along the way, successful and even venerable companies have managed to hide their heads in the sand or let inertia and other internal obstacles get the better of them. 

Databases of customer information remain in silos, their divisions don’t cooperate, employees aren’t paid to focus on customer needs, and systems and processes that were never intended to be flexible...well, they remain that way. 

At the same time, everything and everyone has become or
is becoming interconnected. Customers have smartphones loaded with apps that let them check prices, compare service agreements, read reviews, and check in with friends (and strangers.) 

Only the most “intelligent” companies will be able to respond to – and profit from – the radically greater expectations of smart customers.

For many years, we have worked within the realms of customer experience and customer relationship management. We have partnered with some incredibly resourceful companies, but we've also seen too many firms that care more about the next management meeting than the next customer.

This has to end.

The coming months and short years will bring the greatest entrepreneurial opportunities in our lifetimes. You don't need us to tell you that the status quo is dead. It's in the air; everyone knows it. But lots of CEOs and their companies have not even begun to marshall the conviction, tenacity and resources to treat smart customers the way we will demand to be treated: with intelligence.

Pass the word, and send this message:

every firm must act like a startup, or die.

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Bruce Kasanoff and Michael Hinshaw

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