Dear G8: Help #StopLandGrabs!
“Dear #G8: You have the power to end hunger & save lives. Act to #stoplandgrabs this June
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Oxfam International
Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations networked together in more than 90 countries, as part of a global movement for change, to build a future free from the injustice of poverty. We work directly with communities and we seek to influence the powerful to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them. Learn more about the issues surrounding land deals and land grabs:
Dear G8: Help #StopLandGrabs!
Big land deals in poor countries are leaving people homeless and hungry. Families are being unfairly evicted from their land and left with no way to grow food or earn a living.

G8 leaders including David Cameron & Nick Clegg for the UK, and Barack Obama for the USA have the power to stop land grabs, end hunger and save lives. There are big opportunities for the G8 to take action to increase the transparency and accountability of big land deals. This June, tell the G8 they must stand up against land grabs.

What is a land grab?
It's when governments, banks or private investors buy up huge plots of land to make equally huge profits.

What's the problem with big land deals - isn't investment a good thing?
Responsible investment is an important part of fighting poverty. But big land deals are happening so quickly and on such a large scale that poor people are more vulnerable to the injustice of land grabbing than ever before.

So what does this mean for people living on the land?
They lose the land they rely on to grow food and feed their families. Their homes, jobs and livelihoods are taken from them - sometimes violently - and there is nothing they can do about it.

Land grab facts
  • Every second, poor countries lose an area of land the size of a football pitch to banks and private investors.
  • Most land deals take place in countries with serious hunger problems - yet investors often intend to export everything produced on the land. 
  • Poor families are often evicted from their homes without fair treatment or compensation.
Learn more about land grabs and how your taking actions are helping curb them.

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