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OnTheRoadToHonesty for Kids

by Thierry Koehrlen / On the Road to Honesty category: Education

“Let's STOP the Children Dishonesty Epidemic! #OnTheRoadToHonesty DISCOVER A NEW Simple & Fun WAY to TEACH HONESTY

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Thierry Koehrlen / On the Road to Honesty
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This campaign ended on November 05, 2015 at 11AM

OnTheRoadToHonesty for Kids

On the Road to Honesty for Kids

Why should you support this campaign?

Trust me, I speak by experience: most families with children and schools -if not all of them- would highly benefit from this On the Road to Honesty for kids campaign even though many parents and educators do not realize it...yet.

I know it because I was raised in one of these really honest families. But it absolutely did not turned out that way. During my childhood I really suffered too many years trapped in my lies while nobody knew about it, and especially not my parents. One day I ended up at the hospital in really bad shape and that was my wake up call. And later the story repeated itself with my own children. 

Children Dishonesty is rampant in schools & at home: it's reaching epidemic level. And we can only see a small portion of it.
To give you an idea of what's going on, here are some worrying surveys results from high school children themselves that Michele Borba, a worldwide recognized parenting expert, reported here:
  • 1 in 3 boys and 1 in 4 high school girls say the stole from a store over the last year.
  • 21% admit they stole something from a parent or relative; 18% say they stole from a friend.
  • 92% of children believe their parents want them to do the “right thing” 80% say they lied to their parents about something significant.
  • A majority of students (59%) admitted cheating on a test during the last school year with 34 percent doing it more than two times.
  • One in three say they used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment.


Let's stop this dishonesty epidemic and let's stop what does not work with our children: "The Recurring Honesty and Trust Talk" that we improvise each time. It is not only not working well, it's also very often counter productive. Moreover, it's annoying for children and it's annoying for us, the adults! 

Instead, let’s teach honesty and trust to children in a fun, smart, efficient and empowering way.

Even the most well intented parents and adults can only see or discover the tip of the iceberg of our children lies. 

Let’s help millions of children make bright honest choices about honesty ….. instead of telling lies that will lead them to suffer, in their head and in their heart, just because they don’t know how to do it differently and because they don't dare to tell it to their parents or other adults. 

Remember: honesty, integrity, credibility, trust, reputation will play a major role in your child's future success in this "all connected world".  
Their (dis)honesty and reputation will follow them online wherever they go for their entire life and will impact how things will turn out for them personnaly and professionnaly.

So let’s help millions of parents and educators guide and teach children to be bright about honesty... for the rest of their life.

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There will be lots of surprises and content about honesty in the coming weeks.

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Thank you again.


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  • From 20k to 2M in one day! HUGE milestone reached. Thank you Arianna Huffington and all the other supporters

    September 17, 2015
    2 Million Social Reach in one day for On the Road to Honesty for Kids!
    This blew all my intermediary milestones...

    That happened thanks to the good magic of Arianna Huffington and her assistant Anna McGrady.

    I was fortunate enough to speak over the phone with Arianna during her Thrive class on Oprah. (On that note I highly recommend to take this class and to read her book Thrive too. It will really help you on your road to a better life.)
    Arianna is guenuily interested in integrity & honesty and to make the world a better place. Now she's contributing even more by giving me access as a blogger to the HuffingtonPost. So thank you again Arianna for your support of my honesty message.

    And of course thank you also to Jason Jennings, o
    ne of the most successful and prolific business authors in the world. You can check his recent book The High-Speed Company that describes the unique practices of businesses that have proven records of urgency and growth. The key distinction is that they’ve created extraordinary cultures with a strong purpose, more trust, and relentless follow-through.

    Finally thank you very much to all the other supporters who clicked over the last few days, You are really awesome to spread the On the Road To Honesty message accross your social network.

    Speak to you soon with more exciting updates...


  • First 50% reached! Thank you!

    September 8, 2015
    Yesterday, thanks to all of you we have reached together a new milestone: 50% of our goal! Yeah!

    I got friends to vote but also people I don't know who loves the concept and are willing to help to spread the message. I really appreciate it.

    A special thank you to for their support and their desire to do more together. is a amazing nonprofit organization that strives to ensure young people everywhere are educated, inspired, and empowered to be ethical and engaged citizens. Thank you Becky sippos and all the staff and for everything you are doing on character building for schools and children.

    On that note, is also doing a Thunderclap campaign for their early bird price of their 2015 Character Education Forum that will take place in October

    So it would be awesome from you if you could also promote their Thunderclap here (just a couple of days left to do so!). Here is the link:

    Finally, please speak to your spouse or family about On the Road to Honesty for Kids. Encourage them to click to spread my message further of teaching honesty to kids in a fun & smart way instead of what we typically do...

    Thank you all again, and I look forward to sharing the next milestone update with you soon.

    Have a great day!
  • First 10 000 social reach!

    August 13, 2015
    Dear amazing supporters,

    This Thunderclap campaign to promote a new way to teach honesty to children is going to be an exciting journey as we'll go from zero to millions of social reach.

    Of course crossing the finish line will be fantastic to witness.

    But with this type of journey great things will happen along the way. We'll discover new people, new information and new events that will contribute to make steady and sometimes extraordinary progress at once.

    And as we progress we will all enjoy the momentum and the victory of the different milestones reached.

    Today thanks to you and in just a few hours we have crossed the first 10 000 social reach milestone. YEAH!
    So spread the message of the Let's Raise Bright Honest Kids, because it really matters and people will enjoy being part of it.
    Contact now a friend and ask her or him to support us too.

    That's how it works: getting one friend at a time on board. Friends add up and gradually it creates a snowball effect.

    Thank you all!
    Speak to you again at 50 000 social reach.
    Kindest regards,


Thierry Koehrlen / On the Road to Honesty

My goal is to completely transform the way people teach honesty to children. Let's stop what does not work: The Honesty Talk improvisation. It's annoying for children and for us, the adults! Instead, let’s teach honesty and trust to children in a fun, smart, efficient and empowering way. My name is Thierry Koehrlen, I am a husband and a father of four children. And I am the Editor of the "Let's raise bright honest kids" campaign and also the co-author of the On the Road to Honesty book, for children, families and educators. Please share this campaign and be part of this honesty for children movement along side many other amazing people like you. Thank you!

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