Mobile App and Future
“Being a mobile app developer - one has to focus what development platform... Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web Apps?
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D Bala Krishnan
12+ years of experience with specialization in Mobile technologies and ePublishing for various platforms including major hand held devices.

Have wide range of research background on Mobile solutions, eBook development for foreign languages including Arabic, Spanish, Dutch and Hebrew languages and Regional languages like Hindi, Tamil and Bengali.

Has handled various projects in eBooks categories of Fixed Layout, Kindle eBooks, ePub3.0 and iBooks Author, Multi-touch ebooks development.

Have done research on handling Unicode Language representation for Non-English languages using various eBook formats and handheld devices. Catered services to major UK and USA publishers.

eBook content conceptualization from print books, process designing, new project start up planning, preparing and evaluating RFP and RFI, costing & estimation and complete B2B project management
Mobile App and Future

I am part of Mobile application development group; we roll-out ten to fifteen projects a month.

Our customers are not very specific about the platform used for development and many of our customers don’t worry about the platform at all - all they look out for an end product.

We are very proactive and unique development process oriented developer, so as a part of requirement gather - we will walk through the complete app using rapid prototyping system which gives the comfort zone to work with us - 110% returning customers.

But during development we are unable to rapid the development due to following reasons:
1) if we choose native development - we need to develop two to four version of same app with different time line.
2) If we choose Hybrid, we end up rework in terms of enhancement.
3) Web app is pretty easy but there are surprises after deployment - slow performance etc.,

we are groomed techs with knowledge across all platform - but during execution there are surprises, Some suggested me to choose platform according to project needs - but confused how to stabilize…

My mission is to have a rapid development approach…


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