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“RT #NowPlaying #NoControl #OneDirection #BBMAs Listen now on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/4JaLkM90MJutDAl5jD9BZX http://thndr.it/1Ev6ngu

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This campaign ended on May 17 at 6PM

We have picked Sunday as a day to promote No Control, off the album Four by One Direction.  Please request/buy/promote the song on 17 May 2015. Make a manip and share it.  Play the song for your friends.  Call your local (or satellite) radio station and request the song.  Lets show everyone what having control is actually about!

  • You Did It!!!

    May 17, 2015
    When Layne, Sheena and I started this project on Monday, we had no idea that it would grow this large, get such a great response, or make such an impact.

    A tumblr user named Anna (buscandoelparaiso) originally came up with idea of promoting No Control as a way to bring the fandom together.  Anna decided to opt out of the project before it even began, so with Amy's (thelarryagenda) blessing, the three of us took on the project.  We went live with the Thunderclap at 11:06pm Monday 11 May 2015.  

    We were hoping to get 500 supporters.
    • Within 24 hours, we had 10,700 supporters.  
    • On Wednesday night, we had 18,085 supporters.
    • Thursday, we broke the 20k mark.
    • Friday, things started to slow down -- we had only gained 1k to reach 21k supporters
    • We reached out to some big twitter accounts and got to 26k on Saturday
    • Today you pushed our numbers to 34,449, and a social reach of 55,381,943.  
    We made it to #5.  Don't believe me?  Go to http://www.thunderclap.it/ and look at the "past successes" at the bottom of the page.  We're there. And to put it in perspective, the #4 Thunderclap - for the Affordable Health Care Act - only had 248 supporters, but one of them was President Obama (who has a social reach of 56.8 million). Beyonce's Thunderclap was supported by Rhianna, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.  #3 was supported by Coca-Cola and the Huffington Post. We did this with small accounts. With individuals.  With fans.  We did this without having any of the boys, their families, or any major media outlets joining in.  

    YOU did this.  YOU got Project: No Control mentioned on the radio, in the newspapers, in the media, on the Late Late Show with James Corden.  YOU DID IT.  

    Most Thunderclaps gain supporters over a two- or three-week period.  We did this in six days.

    Does Project: No Control stop now?  No.  Although the Thunderclap has gone out, and our actions are being talked about, we need to keep calling our local and satellite stations, streaming the song on Spotify, using Shazam, and tweeting the hashtags #NoControl and #nowplaying.  The US charts come out on Thursday; the UK charts will be out next Sunday.  We won't know the effect of our Thunderclap until then.  Don't let our momentum stop.  You are making a huge difference.  You are being noticed.
    So thank you.  Thank you so very very much.  You rock.

    (for Layne, Sheena and Amy)

  • With less than 6 hours to go....

    May 17, 2015
    I have to say Thank you.  Again.

    The Billboard Hot 100 (which are the industry standard in the US) is published on Thursday.  The sales tracking period will end today (Sunday); airplay tracking ends on Tuesday.  While we will see an immediate effect on twitter today, we won't see the changes in the Billboard Hot 100 until Thursday.

    Likewise, the UK charts release at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) today (Sunday).  We won't see any change in the UK charts until next Sunday, 24 May 2015.

    This is why it is so important that you continue all the work after the Thunderclap goes out.  Keep tweeting (using the hashtags #nowplaying #NoControl).  Keep playing the song on Spotify.  Buy it on iTunes or gift it to a friend.  Already own Four?  Buy the single.  Shazam the song.  Call your local radio station.  Tweet the satellite stations.  Watch the lyric videos on YouTube or make your own.  Create artwork and share it.  Most importantly  - USE THE HASHTAGS!!!

    If you haven't already done so, please follow @1D_Street_Team on Twitter or tumblr. We don't want to stop with just this project; we want to continue to show the world what a group of people can do when they pull together.  The boys have noticed what you've done - - YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

    Thank you again,

  • Thank you to Everyone Who Participated

    May 16, 2015
    As of right now, we are at 26,448 supporters, with a social reach of 43.3 million people.  WE ARE THE 8TH LARGEST THUNDERCLAP EVER.  Project: No Control has been mentioned in the press over 25.5k times in the last 5 days.  

    While there have been four of us working behind the scenes to make this a success, it is YOU, the fans, that have made this such a success.  Its YOU who brought this project to the attention of James Corden, and got it mentioned on the Late Late Show.  Its YOU who got all the tracks off FOUR on the Billboard Trending 140. This project would have not been possible without YOU.  

    I don't know about the boys, but we can't thank you enough.  Remember that even though the Thunderclap goes out tomorrow at 6pm CST/7pm EST, the work doesn't stop then.  We need to keep tweeting #nowplaying #NoControl, calling our radio stations, talking about this to our friends and family, streaming the song and/or buying it also. 

    Thanks again.  Your support of this project has left me speechless - - but in all the right ways.  If you haven't already, please follow @1D_Street_Team (on Twitter or tumblr) so that we can keep you informed of the next project (which is already in the works.)

    Much love.
    Lynn, Layne, Sheena & Amy

  • Top 15!

    May 12, 2015
    In less than 24 hours, you - - the fans of One Direction - - have managed to make this one of the top 15 campaigns ever on Thunderclap.  What can we accomplish in the next five days??

    Kudos to everyone for putting aside their differences and pulling together to promote "No Control."  

    What do you think we have planned next??


    May 12, 2015
    When Layne, Amy, Sheena and I originally started talking about this project last night, I thought that a goal of 500 supporters was ambitious.  I am happy to say I was wrong.

    To give you an idea of how quickly this project has grown, it started at 23:03 on 11.5.15.  By 23:30 that night, we had our first 25 supporters (six of them were various incarnations of Layne!).  This morning at 06:00, we had reached 840 supports.  Less than 15 hours after we went live, we are at 1000% - - 5000 supporters, with a social reach of over 9.2million fans.

    Don't rest on your laurels of awesomeness.  We still have to keep this trend going... We have reached (and lost) the #1 position on the Billboard Trending 140.  Lets make our impact known.  Create fan art, write stories, put your photoshop skills to the test with videos and manips.  Most of all - - play the song, request it on the radio, and buy it (if you haven't already done so).  Lets give Four, No Controland all the songwriters involved (Liam, Louis, John, Julian, Jamie, and Anne Cunningham) the recognition they deserve.  Remember, this isn't a "Louis" or  "Liam" project - - this is the fandom showing their love for, and respect of, everyone involved in the writing of NO CONTROL.



We are four fans - - Amy, Layne, Lynn and Sheena - - who want to get the album Four the recognition it deserves.

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