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“Digital technology is great, but often excludes disabled users - watch 15 tips to improve accessibility #a11y #GAAD http://thndr.it/1FxGdQ6

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Help us spread the word about Digital Accessibility!

May 21st is the 4th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Digital accessibility is about ensuring digital content can be used easily by disabled people and that it is as well designed as possible for everyone. As part of the wide range of events, Fix the Web, the Digital Accessibility Centre, and Dig Inclusion collaborated on a short animated film that explains digital accessibility and provides 15 tips to help people creating websites, apps, software and documents improve the accessibility of their technology.

To ensure the video is seen by as many people as possible we'd really like it if you supported our Thunderclap campaign and shared it on social media with us!

Why is this important?

A large section of the population is disabled in some way - over 15% have some form of impairment. The level of online effectiveness and satisfaction experienced by people with disabilities is significantly lowered when the needs of these users are not taken into account. For instance, it is estimated that at least 80% of websites fail to meet minimum requirements for accessibility.

  • Thanks for supporting our film launch - did you like the video?

    May 27, 2015
    Last Thursday you helped us launch our new film "Make Technology Work for Everyone: introducing digital accessibility" on social media. We'd really like to know what you think of the video:

    1. Does is help you understand the concept of digital accessibility?
    2. Are there things we didn't mention you'd have liked us to?
    3. Will you be changing anything about the way you produce websites, apps, software or documents since you watched the film?

    Because you and 144 others shared the film via Thunderclap, it has had over 3,500 views on YouTube already, we've tweeted a challenge to people to help us reach 4,000 views by Friday. We've also uploaded the "Make Technology Work for Everyone" film to Facebook - please help us share it there if you can!

    One of the other people to share the film after our launch was Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry's tweet about the film has been retweeted by 670 people so far.

    Among others, the Disability News Service reported on how the launch of our "Access animation will spread the word on how to fix the web".

    We're proud of our film and really grateful to you for sharing it. Don't forget to check out our accompanying webpage of further resources, and email us your thoughts on the video via: post@fixtheweb.net.

    Thanks again for your help,
    James Beecher
    Fix the Web project
    Citizens Online

  • We made it to over 100 supporters - thanks for your help!

    May 21, 2015
    Dear supporters of the "Make Technology Work for All!" Thunderclap,


    We have hit our target of 100 supporters! It looks like the link to our new animation about digital accessibility could be seen by up to 133,674 people - because you've joined in with our publicity campaign!

    ... and there are still over 10 hours to go - so it could be even more!

    To accompany the video when it goes live, we have created an accompanying "accessibility tips" webpage containing transcripts, a version of the script with further information on each of the points made, and tools and links to other organisations that can help us make the digital world more accessible. This is just a holding page for now - but please check it out in 11 hours' time!

    If you use twitter, you can share our excitement at reaching our target and encourage even more people to join in by retweeting this "102 supporters!" tweet.
    If you use Facebook, you can like/share this "102 supporters!" post.

    Don't forget to check out the wide range of events and activities that are taking place all around the world and online for Global Accessibility Awareness Day! There's an huge amount of useful information under the #GAAD tag on twitter (which you can explore even if you don't have an account)

    Thanks again for supporting us!
    James Beecher - Fix the Web

    P.S Oooh, we've up to 105 and a potential social media reach of 141,492 in the time it's taken me to write this post!

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Fix the Web is a project from Digital Inclusion charity Citizens Online. Our website enables people facing accessibility issues on the web to report problems which volunteers then seek to fix.

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