Siren's Calling: A Horror Noir

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“DOWNLOAD this FREE 6-page preview of #SirensCalling graphic novel by John T. Trigonis & Lauren Clemente! http://thndr.it/1Ly0JSZ

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Siren's Calling: A Horror Noir


WE DID IT, everyone! Because of all of you 104 (and counting) family members, friends, acquaintances, graphic novel fans, horror fans, fellow fans of film noir, and so many other amazing folks, our Thunderclap to get Siren's Calling: A Horror Noir #1's FREE six-page preview out to the widest possible audience WILL HAPPEN!

So again, THANK YOU!!!

On September 8th, at 12:30PM EST, 104 people will each shout out on social media the message above in blue, potentially getting this FREE preview onto the screens of nearly 410,000 people! 

BUT WHY STOP THERE, when we've still got some time left before Tuesday?

HERE'S THE PLAN, STAN (LEE): Over these next few days, I invite you to refer just three people to add their voices to the Siren's Calling Thunderclap. And if you do this, and if all three of those people add their support, I will send you a digital edition of Siren's Calling: A Horror Noir #1 absolutely FREE and I'll get it to you BEFORE anyone else gets to download the issues on its official release date of October 31st!!

All YOU have to do is the following:

  • Tweet at me (@Trigonis) and mention the three people you're gonna refer. (Alternatively, you can message me on Facebook, too, if you're not bit on Twitter.)
  • Either way, be sure to include #SirensCalling in that Tweet/message.
  • Get those folks to add their voice and social reach here.
  • I'll check the Thunderclap stats, and if ALL THREE of your referrals join up, you get the 1st issue!
It's that simple! 

So let's get started encouraging others to #HeedTheCall and add their unique notes to this song that is Siren's Calling!

Our Story
Early in 2012, I approached Lauren Clemente with an idea: A graphic novel about a mythological siren who, fed up with her man-eating ways, decides to leave it all behind for a chance at the glitz and glamour of starlet life in Hollywood, 1947. It's a horror story that blends in elements of film noir, though at its heart, the deeper tale that's told is that of a strong female character who must find a way to fit into her human world and fend off her natural (or rather un-natural) urges of the demonic femme fatale within her.

And so Siren's Calling: A Horror Noir was spawned from the depths of my mind and the jagged talents of Lauren's illustrations. 

Free Six-Page Preview
Three years later, issue number one is finished, and we would like all of you to be the first of its readers; to dive deep with us and experience the first six pages with a free digital download.

But we also want even more people to experience the gory glory that is our free six-page digital preview, so...
  • Support us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (if you've got one).
  • That's it! It's literally just two steps, and won't take you more than a minute.
Then, on September 8th, 2015 at 12:30PM EST, Thunderclap will blast out all of our support, and word of our six-page preview will be heard by all of your networks.

But our Thunderclap will only go out if we hit our goal of 100 supporters. If we don't hit it, nothing happens. 

Thank you all in advance
We really want to get this preview of Siren's Calling: A Horror Noir #1 onto as many desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens as possible, and to do this, Lauren and I really need YOU to add your "social reach" to our Thunderclap and be a part of the bolt of social media lightning that will crack on September 8th to all of our extended networks to get our six-page preview out to the widest audience possible.

Thanks in advance for heeding the call! 



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