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Hemiplegia Awareness Week 2015

by HemiHelp category: Charity

“#Hemiplegia affects 1 side of the brain: It can affect the body, learning, emotion, and more. Watch our new film

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Hemiplegia Awareness Week 2015

What is Hemiplegia?

Hemiplegia is a neurological condition that affects children and adults in a similar way to a stroke. It is caused by injury to the brain (most often before or around the time of birth). It results in a varying degree of weakness and lack of control on one side of the body. Some have additional diagnoses such as epilepsy, visual impairment or speech difficulties. Many have less obvious additional challenges  – such as perceptual problems, specific learning difficulties, or emotional and behavioural issues. Hemiplegia affects one in 1000.

Why are we telling you this?

HemiHelp is launching a new animated film, What is Hemiplegia? Watch it. Share it with others.

The film launches Hemiplegia Awareness Week (12-16 October 2015), an annual effort to raise awareness of this condition affecting 1 in 1000.

When people understand hemiplegia's relationship to the brain, they are more able to understand its often complex effects. Our 2015 campaign helps raise hemiplegia understanding in 'daily' contexts where people with hemiplegia feel it the most – especially schools and workplaces.

What else can you do?

Find out more :

Follow us on Twitter: @HemiHelp

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Donate: Show support for Hemiplegia Awareness Week by donating £3 to HemiHelp:  Just text 'HEMI15 £3' to 70070. Nominate friends to do the same!

HemiHelp's Thunderclap Campaign

Thunderclap, like an online flashmob, allows all our supporters to share the same  message on Monday 12 October 2015, when we launch Hemiplegia Awareness Week. If you agree, please donate one tweet and/or Facebook post. There’ll only be one tweet/ post, no further messages, and we won’t spam your friends.


    October 12, 2015

    Our new animated film "What is Hemiplegia" launches Hemiplegia Awareness Week.  We're proud and excited to reveal it publically.


    People with hemiplegia and their families spend a lot of time reminding and re-explaining hemiplegia to people they deal with regularly. Our short film asks and answers  key basic questions about hemiplegia.

    We hope the film:

    - makes hemiplegia more understandable to ANYONE

    -saves people with hemiplegia and their families loads of energy

    -helps people with hemiplegia feel more understood by others -- especially those they see daily

    Please help us build supporters for our 12 Oct Thunderclap message to watch the film.

    Ask  your friends and colleagues to join our Thunderclap campaign by 12 noon BST, Monday 12 Oct. YOU are helping make a difference.

    THANKS for helping us launch Hemiplegia Awareness Week with our new film!




  • Help us build momentum for Hemiplegia Awareness Week launch Mon 12 Oct!

    October 10, 2015
    THANKS to YOU, we've surpassed our supporter goal by more than 3 times!

    But we think our new animated film What is Hemiplegia? launching Hemiplegia Awareness Week, will enlighten many about hemiplegia.

    Can you help get others to support our campaign?

    Tell friends colleagues and family to sign up before 12 noon, Monday 12 October.  You can help our new film -- and our Awareness Week message and visual -- reach many more people than we could reach alone!


    October 8, 2015
    THANKS for supporting our Thunderclap campaign for Hemiplegia Awareness Week (12-16 October).

    We're excited about our upcoming new animated film, What is Hemiplegia?  We asked -- and answered -- some basic questions about hemiplegia. We collaborated with renowned media charity MediaTrust  - who just completed finishing touches touches on the film. Here's a photo of director Tom Paul Martin, with professional professional actor Thom Jackson-Wood, hard at work recording the voice over.

    On Monday 12 October, this Thunderclap campaign will launch Hemiplegia Awareness Week with a link to the film. But you can get a sneak peak by clicking through the link at !

    Can you help us ensure more people see this crucial film?
    Tell your mates and colleagues to sign up. Tell organisations (especially those with high social media reach) to sign up before midday on 12 October.  It's an easy (and FREE) way they can show support.

    The HemiHelp team
  • 200+ supporters! But can you help increase our Thunderclap reach?

    September 29, 2015
    THANKS to more than 200 lovely people supporting our #HemiplegiaAwarenessWeek Thunderclap campaign. 

    BUT can you help us INCREASE our campaign's reach?

    We'll launch Hemiplegia Awareness Week with our upcoming animated film What is Hemiplegia? (We're still hard at work producing it, in collaboration with renowned communications charity Media Trust​. But it'll be worth the wait!).

    Please tell your colleagues and friends (especially those with large social reach) that signing up is an easy way to support  hemiplegia awareness. And that it's easy!

    Let's get many thousands to watch the film on Monday 12 Oct!
    THANKS for helping!

  • 95 supporters already! THANKS for supporting HemiHelp's Thunderclap! Keep it going!

    September 22, 2015


    THANKS for your support of HemiHelp’s Thunderclap campaign! 

    We're partnering with renowned communications charity MediaTrust to make "What is Hemiplegia?" our animated film launching Hemiplegia Awareness Week, via Thunderclap.

    The film is still in production. But here's a photo of our recent voice over recording session for the film, with lovely actor Thom Jackson-Wood (with a bit of MediaTrust's amazing film director Tom Martin on the side).

    We're almost at our goal of 100 supporters. But we'd like to increase our social reach. So do spread the word, and get your friends to sign up to Thunderclap!

    Help us launch Hemiplegia Awareness Week with a bang!



HemiHelp is the national UK charity providing support, information, and events for people with hemiplegia, their families, and the professionals who support them.

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