DareToDemand Something Better.
“We want politicians to represent us, not lobbyists or plutocrats. We dare to demand a better America, join us. #DtoD http://thndr.it/QWz6Rw
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Bryant Johnson
My name is Bryant Johnson and I founded DareToDemand in August of 2011.
This message is not only important for me but important for every citizen.
For too long we have forgotten our power as citizens and constituents.
For too long Washington has been beholden to special interests and plutocrats.
Now is the time more than ever before to dare to demand our voices be heard!
Because every week or month that passes let alone a year the problems we face systematically get worse in reference to corruption of our electoral system,lack of transparency, lack of accountability, and consistent steady trampling of our rights and liberties.

The politicians and our elected officials who we elected are supposed to be beholden to us, the citizens who they are supposed to represent.
Lets remind them.
DareToDemand Something Better.
We are a group of American citizens who acknowledge the need for change in policies and actions of our government. Corporations and Plutocrats have drowned out the voices of the people through special interests groups, lobbying and campaign financing. The time has come for us to Dare To Demand change so the masses can be heard over the political donor class. There are many injustices and struggles currently taking place in our society that need to be addressed; we hope to give a voice to those injustices and struggles through activism.

We have reached over 27,000 likes on Facebook in the past year.

We need your voice, we need to unite for change.
Because without unity against these tragedies of democracy;
nothing will change for the better, and the status quo will
spiral into something worse.

We need to demand a change, a demand by many, so the few can hear it.

Thanks for all you do, Solidarity.

- Bryant
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