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“Because #MessagingWithoutWaiting should have been made ages ago. #GoHiboo! Join us: http://thndr.me/RyXTTa

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Hiboo - Text with no taboo!

You're glued to your screen. She's typing, but she's been typing for 5 minutes. 4 words finally arrive. OMG. Ever been curious about what she didn't say? ;)

Now see both sides of the story on-the-fly! Embrace messaging that's closer to real-life conversation!

Hiboo lets you see what your friends type while they’re typing. You've never seen messaging like this. It's fast and flirty and there’s nothing else like it on the market! 

Text like the Flash and dazzle your friends. Which one of you will be able to spam emotes the fastest?

Don't forget, Saturday 30th January - 10am GMT. Launching all over the world. Be part of the hype!


  • Woo! We're now the #1 trending campaign on Thunderclap!

    January 16, 2016

    Thanks to your fantastic support, we are now the Top #1 Trending campaign on Thunderclap! 

    You are all amazing! We can’t thank you enough for your action and your wonderful help!

    Let’s take it even further. We’re launching on 30th Jan in the App store and we need you to keep #GoHiboo trending!



Hiboo Messenger

Get Hiboo, see what your friends type while they're typing! No need to wait or to tap “send”, you communicate at the speed of thought. Deliver your words instantly, as you type them for a friend.

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