Help Domestic Violence Victims
“Domestic violence victim banned by nonprofit, she had an Order of Protection against her ex. The group chose her ex
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End Domestic Violence
I have in the past taken on many challenging campaigns against discrimination; on the behalf of the South Asian community to insure there is justice and equality for the members in our community.

In this case, the discrimination was against a victim of Domestic Violence in our community, and the irresponsible leadership of a South Asian nonprofit organization that persecuted her and colluded to cover it up. Ms. Chand’s case resonated with me, as not only do I know her for her contribution to the community, but also she is sister of the community, and a woman in need. Having a niece, a sister and a mother, it hits home that this is still a taboo topic that no one talks about in our community until it happens to them. Well it happened to a sister in my community.

Since going public with this story I have had 8 other women in our community come to me with similar stories of being a victim. Three of them I thought I knew very well… and was shocked.

I would appreciate if you could help us bring more awareness to this story with your technology, as it took the courage of one victim to open the eyes and ears of our community, to take a stance with this organization, and hold them accountable to the South Asian Community… my community... Ms. Chand's Community.

No nonprofit organization is above the law when their mission is to serve our community. Our community and Mr. Chand are looking for healing and resolve.

Thank You,

Tim Dutta - Just a Community Advocate that wants to see a "wrong" go "Right".
Help Domestic Violence Victims

Ms. Chand, an active member of the Chicago South Asian community, briefly dated someone earlier this year with the relationship ending in her filing an emergency Order of Protection ("OOP" - a criminally enforceable version of a restraining order), against her ex boyfriend ("the Respondent"). After filing this order, she found out that the Respondent already had a current, 2-year plenary OOP from another woman in the South Asian Community from just a little over a year earlier.

Shortly after the Respondent last contacted Ms. Chand's family, Ms. Chand had the Respondent escorted out of an establishment where she was celebrating a close friend's birthday. Two leaders of NetIP (Network of Indian Professionals), saw this and along with one other NetIP leader, proceeded to ban Ms. Chand from attending their annual NetIP conference, which she had pre-paid for back in October before even meeting her ex boyfriend, on the grounds of her having and demonstrating a "willingness to abuse" the OOP. 

This action was taken because the Respondent was President of the Indian American Bar Association (I.A.B.A) - Chicago, which was also a co-host and sponsor of the NetIP conference, and not to mention, best friends with the President of NetIP North America.  When Ms. Chand questioned their decision - because she only had a temporary OOP (not one taking her through the time of the conference) - 13 NetIP leaders not involved in the original decision to prohibit Ms. Chand observed in silence, as the President of NetIP served as "judge and jury" for Ms. Chand; he essentially called her a liar, made false allegations against her, and went as far as saying that she "belied the plight of women" who had actually been victims of domestic violence.

Given the collective actions of NetIP leadership, concerned community members believed that this is a community issue worthy of their attention. This was not about Ms. Chand in particular, and rather the notion, that this could happen to any woman - our sister, mother or and any female friend in the South Asian Community. By accepting this injustice from NetIP, we not only accept acts of domestic violence in our community, but we also support those committing these acts to be protected by those, with titles and friends with influence/status.   Tim Dutta and other community advocates took on this cause of seeking justice for Ms. Chand and the community with the help of many others concerned citizens and organizations in the South Asian Community.  

This investigation process unraveled a plethora of evidence, uncovering various legal documents and several internal documents among Board members, which demonstrate collusion and cover up NetIP’s President’s in a premeditated method of intimidating, discriminating, bullying and singling out Ms. Chand, an alleged victim Domestic Violence.  In addition, the lack of Fiduciary Responsibility and independence that is required from Board Members of a nonprofit organization as sanctioned by the IRS code.

To this end, other South Asian organizations affiliated with this matter or individuals involved are the Indian American Bar Association (I.A.B.A, Chicago), and the North American South Asian Bar Association (NASABA), who both after conducting their own investigations and reviewing our team’s documentation, no longer have the Respondent representing their interests to the South Asian Community. 

We are seeking the following:

A boycott: Lack of support, participation, and corporate sponsorships for the Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP), organization, until there is a proper RESOLVE achieved for the South Asian Community and Ms. Chand.  This justified, as the NetIP Board’s lack of professionalism in exercising their fiduciary responsibility and conflict of interest in supporting a President and two other Board Members, for their involvement in carrying out a premeditated method of intimidating, discriminating, bullying and singling out Ms. Chand (a victim Domestic Violence).

1) A written and public apology on behalf of the Board members who received Ms. Chand's e-mail on April 15th, for never reaching out to Ms. Chand or challenging the 3 board members about their decisions.  Their silence can be equated to their condoning and supporting the decision of the 3 board members, which made Ms. Chand feel further, alienated and victimized by the community.

 2) NetIP North America will amend their By Laws to include a requirement for all it's 28 + chapters, to conduct a day of awareness/event focusing on educating the South Asian Community in the surrounding chapter's locality on the importance of Domestic Violence education and prevention.  As part of these efforts, each chapter must also be required to do a fundraiser for that respective Domestic Violence organization.  

The campaign, which just started August 16th, and is starting to go viral on Facebook, reaching several different countries (US, India, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Morocco, Australia, Singapore, UK, Jordan, Argentina, Pakistan, Cambodia, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and others).


See the Facebook site:

which depicts the cause, but also provides the opportunity for the community to review all the uncovered evidence for themselves allowing a “self selection” method of concluding what has been presented against what the issues of contention are with NetIP.

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