Don't Sleep With Mean People
“"Evolution is most deterministic for those still unaware of it.” R. D. Alexander. Get informed and take the pledge!
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Baba Brinkman
I am a rap artist and playwright from Vancouver, Canada, who is a passionate advocate for the public understanding of science. I think the psychology of sexual choice is one of the most natural teaching platforms for helping people to understand evolutionary biology, because sex is something we can all relate to. Also, I think mean people suck.
Don't Sleep With Mean People
Evolution is all around us and we are constantly reminded of the many many ways it influences us, in our love for family members who share our genes, our feelings of sexual lust and romantic love, our desire for sweet and fatty foods, our moral instincts. 

Each of these has been explained as an adaptation we inherited from our ancestors, whose mental and emotional circuitry helped them survive and reproduce and ultimately pass their genes on to us.

My question is: can we fight back? If evolution is trying to influence us, can we influence evolution? Obviously we can make an effort to resist the evolved temptation to eat a whole box of doughnuts, but can we actually influence the flow of genes, even a little?

It's a controversial idea, and almost every attempt in the past has been an ethical disaster, but I think there is a way. Through both our own personal sexual choices, and through our power to spread social norms and cultural messages, we can alter the course of human evolution, by changing the social context in which it unfolds.

My message is "Don't Sleep With Mean People," and I've been devising various ways to spread that message far and wide. It's based only on the principles of reproductive freedom and freedom of speech, combined with a basic understanding of natural selection and a desire for less meanness in the world.

So if you agree that the world would be a better place if everyone understood evolution a little more clearly, and took their destiny into their own hands a little more often, and slept with fewer mean people, join me in Thunderclapping the message on August 29th!
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