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“I’m taking part in#Love'n'Graph project, a new app that offers insight for better decisions in life & love. Join us! http://thndr.me/iR7xgi

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Unfortunately, half of today's marriages end in divorce, and the number of unhappy people still married is unbelievably high! 

It's an epidemic that ultimately contributes to the unhappiness of families, communities and whole societies!  What if there was a way to minimize the number of broken relationships in our world? Would you support it?

Help us put as many relationships as possible on a pathway to success with Love-n-Graph!

The only way to improve the quality of our families and ultimately of society is to improve the quality of our marriages, which means we must learn how to build better relationships; and we must know and understand what we really want from life and from ourselves!

Love-n-Graph is a revolutionary tool that helps people deeply understand themselves, their partners, motives, perspectives, values and the unique characteristics of their existing relationships.  Through this understanding, people are better equipped to address their issues, save their marriages and have healthier and happier families.

How does it work?

Human personality and its relationship with the surrounding world consists of many parts including life values, behavior, goals, tastes, likes and dislikes, habits and emotions.  Love-n-Graph helps you understand and define what these parameters are for you and creates a profile of you.  It then compares it with other profiles and provides a visual graphic of the results noting the similarities and differences.  You can create profiles for yourself, your partner, an ideal partner, a couple or even for a family.  

Built-in filters make the process easy by displaying all existing differences.  You can also generate reports for strengths, weaknesses and neutral tendencies in your relationship.

Work on yourself and your relationship with Love-n-Graph!  Shine a light on the trouble spots in your relationship early instead of hiding from them, which only postpones inevitable conflict.

Love-n-Graph will help you understand the why behind your failures in your relationship and will help you avoid new mistakes. 

Love-n-Graph was tested by psychologists and psychoanalysts who unanimously agreed that it is "highly efficient at helping people realize and verbalize their problems."

Those who have taken part in the product testing say they appreciate Love-n-Graph's clear and intuitive interface.  Using the app feels like a dialogue between two people—not between yourself and a computer—a dialogue between you and your inner self.  This 'dialogue' leads the user to a more thorough understanding of themselves, their desires, the reasons for their existing problems and their goals for the way forward.

We've come a long way, but without your help we won't be able to reach the goal!

Help us inform more people about Love-n-Graph...an amazing tool that can literally transform lives for the better! Help us improve our world by improving the relationships and the quality of life of ourselves and those we hold dear!


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I'm Volodymyr Streltsyn, founder of Love'N'Graph.

There's a sad statistic of divorce in society that I, unfortunately, am a part of.  This is what drove me to create Love-n-Graph.  My parents divorced early, and later my own marriage also ended painfully in divorce.

All of our lives we are taught how to understand almost everything happening around us...everything except ourselves. 

It's a long, challenging process, but it's absolutely worth the satisfaction and happiness it can bring to your life.  I've already done most of the work for you and offer you this wonderful app to help you  easily finish the process for yourself.

Love-n-Graph helps people understand and address those issues in themselves that cause conflict, irreconcilable conflict in many cases, in their love and family relationships.

I'm asking you to support Love-n-Graph and its mission to improve the quality of relationships, marriages, families and...whole communities!

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