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“I support women reclaiming their voices and finding the courage to be seen and heard. Join me. #seenandheardproject http://thndr.me/0lEhMg

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The Seen and Heard Project

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Stories Tell.

Stories Teach.

Stories Hold Precious Secrets & Truths.

Our Stories Must be Told.

The Seen & Heard Project, launching in March 2017. It is an effort to create and honor the power of inter and intra-generational wisdom with a specific focus on helping women find the courage to be seen and heard.

A story has so much more power when it is told with the intention of capturing its brilliance and teaching. Each of our experiences has a perfect place where our triumphs, our pain, the things that never before made sense, can become a part of something bigger. 

My work in the world is helping women reclaim their voices and connecting them to the places within themselves where their fullest expression lives. In 2014, I interviewed 142 women about their voices, shyness and the perils of being a wallflower for my upcoming book. But over the course of those interviews, I learned how much wisdom through storytelling matters for women, especially now.

My grandmother and last surviving grandparent died in Liberia this year, and what I mourn most is what I did not have a chance to learn from her. The Seen & Heard Project is born of the love and loss of the women before us and dedicated to my grandmother, women whose stories were not told, and the girls and women who were not told the stories that would have made a difference in their lives.

  • It will focus exclusively on our voices and how our stories impact our relationship to our voices. 
  • It will teach women how to overcome the pressure to become and remain silent and navigate the challenges we face when we don't speak up in our lives. 
  • It will feature conversations between women as they try to address the hard conversations women need to have with each other.
  • Our storytellers will share wisdom from their struggles with silence and inspiration as they step towards how they desire to use their voices in the world right now. 
My heart desires to connect women in a way that feels human and hopeful, intersectional, compassionate and helpful.

I want women's voices to matter, especially to each other. 

Your support is appreciated in making this project exactly those things, and more.  

Please click above and share this project via Facebook so that as many women as possible can become part of a community of women finding the courage to be seen & heard. 


The Seen and Heard Project

Wokie Nwabueze, is the founder of The Seen & Heard Project and Women Prepared to Lead, is a sought after writer, speaker, and coach for women who are tired of being quiet. Her passion and expertise is teaching women how to speak without fear, embrace visibility and develop the communication skills, confidence, and presence necessary for success in business and life.

Wokie has taught more than 3000 people to communicate with impact, effectively resolve conflicts and connect with their peers, teams, loved ones, customers and audiences with impact, authenticity and results.

Through her signature program, the Courage to be Seen & HeardTM, Wokie’s clients undergo personal transformation and develop the skills needed to confidently reclaim their voices, command a room, embrace authority and cultivate influence in their professional lives.

Wokie’s approach to communication blends her 20 years of experience as an executive coach, conflict resolution expert, ombudsman, mediator and communication strategist. She sits on the Board of the Scheinman Institute for Conflict Resolution at Cornell University and has coached executives and taught conflict resolution, communication and negotiation courses and workshops for various fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, social change organizations and small businesses.

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