Navia - The Online Bodyguard

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“Internet Privacy & Security - The Way You Want It! Subscribe to www.getnavia.com for Discounted Pre-Order! http://thndr.me/1isPzr

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Navia - The Online Bodyguard

As a digital consumer, it makes you vulnerable towards confidential information, financial data, private conversations, medical history and browsing habits. Once you step into Coffee Shop, Hotel, Restaurant, Business Lounge, Airport, Aircraft, Train, Train Station, Public Transport, Shopping Mall, Park or Hospital to connect via Entrusted Public Wi-Fi Hotspot. Though, you can surf web browsing anonymously but data security (both coming from your offline and online activities) expose you to same threat of internet security. You might not aware of but you’re deliberately committing to:

  • Malware Attacks (including Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, Adware, Spyware).
  • Social Media Attacks (including Click-jacking Links).
  • Online Backing Attacks (including Phishing).
  • Smart-phone Attacks (including Rogue Apps, Unencrypted Communications, Security Backdoors).
  • WiFi Sniffing (including Web Surveillance).
  • Insecure Sync (including Data Leaks).
  • Unsafe Cloud Storage (including Interception of Sensitive Information).
  • Privacy Risks (including Social Media Sites).
  • Identity Frauds & Digital Theft (including Online Services).

...and exposed to:

  • Insufficient Battery for Off-Road Networking (including manual connectivity).
  • Restricted Content (including Blocked Access to Apps)
  • Fluctuated Prices on e-Commerce Websites (including Log-In Data Capture).

With Navia, you can have:

  • Complete On/Off-Road Anonymity and Connectivity (including P2P Networking).
  • Multi-utility Portability and Compatibility (including Streaming Media Consoles, Wireless Routers, Mobile Devices).
  • Secure Your Digital Life (including Malicious Snoopers and Untrusted Public Wi-Fi Hotspots).
  • Protect from Cyber and Ransom-ware Attacks (including 3rd Party Attacks at Home or while Travelling).
  • Unblock Geo-Restricted Content, Website and App Filters (including Regional Restrictions from Local Players).
  • ZenMate Premium Grade VPN Service (including 30 Server with Additional Layer of Encrypted Traffic).
  • Upto 12 hours Fast Recharge (including 5 smart-devices).
  • Encrypted Off-Site Backup (including Remote Over-the-Air Update).
  • Private Cloud System (including 128GB of Protected Internal Cloud Storage).
  • Wi-Fi Range Extender (including Linux Based System having Smart Dual Band Radio).
  • Enable VPN on Smart TV (including Netfflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, HOBO Go, Vudu).
  • Saves Money via Online Transactions (including cheaper Flights, Car Rentals, Auctions Items, Amazon Goods; especially when you online on website for the 2nd time).

For your own security and privacy, do support NAVIA team by subscribing to Indiegogo Pre launch Landing Page and share our vision with your near and dear ones.

Its about time to let yourself take charge of your internet activities to protect your digital life. With Navia, you can say it’s none of your business to whatever and whoever against your online privacy and security. 

Thanks for impeccable support and love!!! 


Kash Khan

I'm Tech Enthuisatic who is striving hard to offer Virtual Private Network (VPN) device aka "NAVIA".

Navia is multi utility portable VPN device works for all smart-devices; without any IT configuration or software setup and protects Digital Life, covers Cyber Security and bypasses Internet Censorship.

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