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“Beezmo App is launching on Kickstarter! Stop wasting time worrying - your phone can do it for you! Do what matters! http://thndr.me/h8bsP0

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Beezmo App

Beezmo will soon come to Kickstarter. 

We need your help to make it a reality. 

Our App uses bluetooth beacons to assign annoying, repetitive tasks that usually might bother you. Beezmo is a platform that makes technology work for you – not the other way around!

Beezmo App includes:

- Snooze-proof alarm clock. Yes, really!

- Reminders - proximity-based notifications

- Tracker - never lose your stuff again

- Wallet - turn any wallet into a smart wallet

How can Beezmo help you?

  • Do you tend to sleep through your alarm or forget about little things in your daily life? Beezmo will resolve your bad sleep habits and seamlessly remind you of the little things so you can breath easy.
  • Young Urban Professionals - Work/life balance not good enough? Let Beezmo track your appointments and to-do list. Be more efficient and get more out of your day.
  • Ever lost your wallet, purse, keys or any other valuable object? Strap a beacon on and track it in real time! 
  • Do you travel? Beezmo allows you to keep track of all your luggage, backpacks, bags etc. You can track if your checked-in bag boarded the plane with you. Fall asleep on a train or bus and your phone will be monitoring if someone moves your bag. Do not crowd the conveyor belt at the airport – Beezmo will notify you when your suitcases are about to come out.
  • Are you a parent? Strap Beezmo like a watch on your kid’s wrist and get alerts if they wander too far away from you. You can also beaconize toys so your phone will notify you if it is being left behind. 


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