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Clean Water For All Children

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“Together we can stop 1.5 million children dying every year from water poverty by 2020. Please register your voice.

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This campaign ended on March 22, 2017 at 11PM

Clean Water For All Children

Dear Supporters,

Mission 2020 focuses on providing access to clean water for all children by 2020, and we are spreading this message on the World Water Day (March 22nd) - A memorable day that is in line with our mission of clean water for all children. We can't achieve this without your help. Please support us by joining our Thunderclap.

What Is The Problem?

Extreme Water Poverty is the most life-threatening problem facing humanity.

The Victims

Extreme Water Poverty causes the deaths of 1,500,000 children worldwide and affects 663,000,000 people. It is the number one human rights disaster happening today.

What Is The Impact To Us?

The problem does not stop there, and it gets worse. In an attempt to find security, families experiencing water poverty are having an average of seven children, of which only five survive. So the extremely poor is more than doubling each generation; this exponential population growth is going to impact every single one of us in the near future.

Impact of Excessive Population Growth

  • Millions of more refugees worldwide
  • Further population density and urban growth
  • Food and resource scarcity
  • Increased crime rates due to fighting over resources for survival in our cities
  • Increased global warming due to each extra person’s carbon footprint
  • An extra billion extremely poor people all needing help
  • Increased mortality and suffering
  • Civil wars

Prof. Hans Rosling's research and presentation led to the life-changing insight that initiated 's Mission 2020. Watch this TED Talk by Prof Hans to find out more.

Our Solution: Mission 2020

The Mission 2020 campaign was initiated by (EN), and it focuses on providing access to clean water for all Children by 2020. The power of Care Networks is used to lobby governments and organisations to support Mission 2020. Also, members have the opportunity to donate with 100% of donations going directly towards Mission 2020. We work with partners like UNICEF to deliver projects to communities in need by building wells, rainwater catchments, and water purification systems.

How Does Mission 2020 Work?

Mission 2020 has two parts:

Part 1: Your Voice

  • Governments act in accordance with the votes of their citizens. For example, Australia is asking for 1 million Australian to vote in order to support Mission 2020.
  • Your Voice is your Vote and has the power to unlocking government funding for 15 children in need of clean water.
  • 49 of the most developed nations are asked to support Mission 2020 with this fair plan. The correspondence begins on World Water Day – 22 March 2017.

Part 2: Donate Water Days

  • When $1 AUD is donated, 50 cents goes to the Solution Provider (UNICEF), and UNICEF is enabled to provide 20 days of clean water (2.5 cents per water day).
  • The water is provided to the neediest children on earth.
  • The social impact is displayed in a tangible way on the donor’s profile.
  • The remaining 50 cents goes to advancing public education and raising voices.

Every Voice Counts

Your voice has the power to unlocking government funding for 15 children in need of clean water. Please spread the message by joining our Thunderclap via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or all three.

Your voice can end water poverty and save lives!


Clean Water For All Children,

Essential Need Team

  • We hit 100. Thank you for your support and we are still going!

    February 17, 2017
    Thank you all. First 107 supporters are:

    ·       Adaptation Fund

    ·       Dennis Sanchezz Palmer

    ·       Maina Victor

    ·       Sharon Khayesi Mabiala

    ·       Dorolcee Lang'at

    ·       Moh Wa Kimata

    ·       Sonniah Blessing

    ·       Vone Tito

    ·       David Tosh

    ·       Patrick Musa

    ·       Peter Smart

    ·       Lucky Prince Githinji

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    ·       Nims Steve Nimoh

    ·       Liz Njoki Njoki

    ·       Magdah Mbevi

    ·       Jeff Telex

    ·       Muli Grace

    ·       Gazadyla Naxra

    ·       Mohammad Oyao

    ·       Amir Saberian

    ·       Martin Kariuki

    ·       Sharon Ingato

    ·       Salvatore Zoccoli

    ·       Njoki Wa Maina

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    ·       MarieRose Nyambura

    ·       Njove

    ·       David Chege Wamaitha

    ·       Jemmoh Msee

    ·       Maina Victor

    ·       Silva Wei

    ·       Mercy Antony

    ·       Bernard Omondi

Organizer connects caring people and raises awareness about humanity’s most life-threatening problems in an attempt to gain support to solve them.

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