Help get vaxes in human trials

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“Over 140 people a day die from overdose. These vaccines can prevent that. Pls help spread the word and join our page http://thndr.me/Jesfcr

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Help get vaxes in human trials

Dr. Kim Janda at The Scripps Research Institute has developed three vaccines that will prevent overdoses and death from heroin, fentanyl and prescription opioids like OxyContin. The heroin vaccine is ready for phase 1 trials. People don't know about this research, they confuse it with Narcan and Naltrexone. The vaccines work completely differently from anything else currently available. The vaccines will prevent overdoses from happening in the first place and they have eliminated cravings in pre-clinical trials. 
These vaccines are not opioids. They are not meant to replace treatment. They are meant to keep people alive until they can get treatment.  


Heroin Vaccine Research

We support the heroin/fentanyl/prescription opioid overdose prevention vaccines of Dr. Kim Janda at The Scripps Research Institute. This is new. It is not Narcan

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