AP where all investors meet $

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“Aktieporteføljen the most visited investor community in Scandinavia for investors in stocks,commodities,trends etc http://thndr.me/8GeRen

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AP where all investors meet $

Knowledge sharing enriches all investors.

Why do people meet at Aktieporteføljen ?

Since its launch, AP has been a huge success with an interaction between members rarely seen in the market and has created an on-line community which is highly appreciated amongst our members.

We believe this is driven by an increased awareness of financial markets and a broadening of stock ownership amongst European investors, which has resulted in increased demand for information regarding specific companies and their performance. In short, the retail investor base is growing and they are becoming much more demanding.

Currently AP has + 32.000 members/investors (growing at a pace of + 1,000 new members pr month), which includes representatives from the media, financial sector, institutional investors both in Denmark and abroad as well as corporations whose stock are sometimes the topic of discussion.

Investors are thinking about specific opportunities or stocks and have the opportunity to share awareness about their investment.


Andreas Rasmussen

CEO & Founder Aktieporteføljen Scandinavias largest investor community https://www.facebook.com/groups/aktieportefoljen/

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