Make Ottawa a Sanctuary City!

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“URGENT! EMAIL Mayor Jim Watson and your councillor to voice your support for #SanctuaryCityOttawa #AccessWithoutFear http://thndr.me/5qpq0c

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Make Ottawa a Sanctuary City!

Call to action! To make Ottawa a Sanctuary City, we've got to organize our community and express our support for action from City Council  to make this a reality. Wednesday, March 8th, there is a Council Meeting, and most Councillors will be in the same room together all day. We want to make sure that they talk about Sanctuary City amongst themselves in the lead up to the March 30th Community and protective services committee meeting, where Sanctuary City will be discussed.

March 8th will only be the beginning of a much broader conversation about what it means to make Ottawa a Sanctuary City.

Why Make Ottawa a Sanctuary City?

Migrant and racialized communities in Canada are experiencing increased insecurity and violence as a result of the rise in anti-immigrant sentiment and Islamophobia. By officially declaring itself a sanctuary city, Ottawa has the opportunity to turn its commitment to inclusion into further concrete action that will make the city safer and more welcoming for all.

What is a Sanctuary City?

The term refers to cities that have adopted policies to ensure that all residents, regardless of immigration status, have access to municipal services. To ensure that people can access services without fear, these policies must provide guarantees to residents that service providers will refrain from collecting information about immigration status. These policies must also prevent service providers from sharing any such information with other levels of government, in particular with immigration enforcement, unless required to do so by law.


Ottawa Sanctuary City Network

The Ottawa Sanctuary City Network is a coalition of social service providers, lawyers, advocates, migrants, researchers, and activists who are committed to making Ottawa a more inclusive and safe city for all residents. Our current campaign focuses on efforts to make Ottawa a city where all people, regardless of immigration status, are able to access municipal services without fear of discrimination, detention or deportation.

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