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“Join me in supporting Barba Brada's natural beard care products. Made in Portugal - by barbudos, for barbudos. http://thndr.me/RqkAFN

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Barba Brada Natural Beard Care

Our Back Story:

On a warm September afternoon, almost three years ago, I decided I was going to grow my beard. Septembers get hot here in sunny Portugal, but "winter was coming" and a face blanket would come in handy.

Quickly, I got frustrated by not being able to grow it past the first few weeks (thanks genetics!). Besides, I couldn't find products that helped me in the quest. And you know what they say... "If you can't find it, make it". So I took the popular advice, and together with my partner Natasha, created my own natural beard care products.

The products gave birth to the brand - Barba Brada - and since then, we've been helping Portuguese beards grow healthy and handsome.

After the great feedback our barbudos* gave us (4.7 out of 5 stars, on average), we decided it was time to create the next generation of products. Also, we'd like the rest of the world to meet our brand - us Portuguese are all about sharing! [*that's what we call our bearded customers]

Our Philosophy:

Barba Brada’s philosophy is simple: No bullshit. Only what your beard needs.
All our products are proudly handmade in Portugal. We use only the highest grade natural ingredients that provide optimal nourishment and hydration to the beard. Our products are made in small batches and most are self-preserving - that means no synthetic preservatives!

We also believe that beards of all sizes and colors deserve equal love. Our beard care system ensures that your beard gets complete care, since all products were formulated to work together.

And because not all barbudos have the same taste, we have six different aromas with different inspirations.

Why Crowdfunding?

While we bootstrapped the business until here, launching completely new product lines means a bigger investment. In order to get the best raw ingredients, we have to place big bulk orders.

We've already secured a supplier, and we're running test batches with our customers. We're expecting to start shipping shortly after the campaign ends, so there's no risk for you.


Barba Brada

We're Portugal's leading beard care brand. We believe that natural and fresh ingredients are the solution for a well groomed beard. We offer less, but higher quality ingredients, and a selection of 6 different scents.

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