Rock the River / Charity Event
“Rock the River 2013: The GIGG of the Year for Angel On My Shoulder - Featuring 16 National Acts on Two Stages!
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Mark Geis
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Rock the River / Charity Event
Rock the River 2013 Telecast:  The GIGG of the Year for Angel On My Shoulder.    Recognizing that Terminal Cancer Affects the Whole Family, Most Significantly the Children Left Behind.  

Angel on My Shoulder is unique in that it provides assistance for the patient AND those family members surrounding the patient through programs that make it clear they are not alone.  Angel on My Shoulder is a 100% volunteer and $0 salary organization publicly recognized and endorsed by Oprah Winfrey.  They have been serving cancer patients and their families since 1995.  

The Rock The River Event will be Telecast on the web Saturday, November 9th at 1pm CST at:  

The Lineup:  

1pm:   End of December
1:20pm:  Nudge
1:40pm:  Dead on TV
2:15pm:  Model Stranger
2:45pm:  iScintilla
3:20pm:  GoFight
4pm:  Emergent
4:25pm:  Girl on Fire
5:30pm:  Hawthorne Heights
6:20pm:  The Halo Method
7:10pm:  P.O.D.
8:20pm:  Skillet
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