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by Rick Botelho category: Politics

“#FireFakePresident #MakeAmericaTruthfulAgain

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Drain the swamp of fake news

 Dark money from amoral billionaires, corporations and special interest groups control the propaganda machines of fake news.   Fake news is the new tyranny of democracy.

Dark money counts >>> votes

We must amend our Constitution to firmly establish that dark money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights. Propaganda machines prevent we, the people, from overturning the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United.

Fabricating fake news is easy

 Free speech without truth cons gullible minds. It is far easier for the mind to embrace fake news disguised as truth than it is to welcome inconvenient truths. 

Propaganda machines imprison people's minds with unconditional loyalty.  Imprisoned minds cannot see the light of truth. They forfeit their right to be free-thinkers in the land of liberty. They become parrots of fake news talking points.  Fake patriots are self-righteous fundamentalists who believe in their authoritarian version of their "truth."  

We need new words to frame questions that help us discern the difference between true and fake news in politics.
  • Without truth, there is no trust. 
  • Without trust, there is no good government. 

Neo-terrorists are fundamentalists (I'm absolutely right and you're dead wrong) who put their political ideology, identity and blind loyalty ahead of people's needs, equity and planetary health."  They use fake news to:

  • Bully, violate and smear their political opponents
  • Divide, conquer and control the silent majority
Neo-terrorism is a propaganda war of words without weapons nor integrity. It is a football  game without any rules and referees. Foul plays are the norm. Neo-terrorism wins when opinions, emotions and beliefs triumph over facts, evidence and rationality. In short, fake news trumps truth.

Neo-terrorism results in never-ending conflicts that are detrimental to our well-being, equity and planetary health. This pathological divisiveness disables our creativity to address the complex problems of the 21st century. Domestic neo-terrorism is the greatest threat to democracy.

Seeking truth is a struggle against the forces of the evil trinity: sociopathy, narcissism and megalomania.

Liberate us from fake news

Free speech with truth is liberation. Freedom and truth go hand-in-hand for transparent accountability.

Free-thinkers are the true patriots. They liberate people from the tyranny of fake news. True patriots put people's needs, equity and planetary health ahead of political ideology, identity and blind loyalty.  

Build a people's movement for truth

Ask all politicians challenging questions, such as:
  • Who do you regard as a neo-terrorist, and explain why?
  • How will you #MakeAmericaTruthfulAgain?
  • What are your strategies for defeating neo-terrorism?

Make leaders accountable

How can we, the people, assure that our political leaders:

  • Make public policies transparently accountable to the needs of people?
  • Assure that all people have fair opportunities to achieve their highest levels of health, well-being and human flourishing?
  • Advocate for planetary health: "One People, One Planet?

Spread the word

Use new word definitions and hashtags in discussions, debates, and articles.
  • #MakeAmericaTruthfulAgain
  • #EndNeoTerrorism
  • #DefeatNeoTerrorists

Create social media chain reactions

Join a bipartisan campaign to set up a "March for Truth" before the 2018 mid-term election. 
  • Share this campaign url on social media.
  • Invite your connections and people with large social reaches to sign up
  • Sign up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts

And invite your organizations to join the March for Truth to:
  • Reverse the dysfunctional polarizations between the right and left wing. 
  • Stop neo-terrorists dividing and conquering the silent majority in the middle 
  • Empower the silent majority to rise up and marginalize the amoral extremists
We must create a network of organizations to end the uncivil war of neo-terrorism.  

Vote for Truth 

Let's make votes count more than dark money

  • #VoteForTruth #FireFakePresident

    November 15, 2017
    Please share updated version via Twitter and Facebook. Invite people/organizations with large social media reaches to help create mass movement for truth. Fake news is a sociopathic paradise of narcissistic megalomaniacs. It's high time to #DefeatNeoTerrorism. #VoteForTruth.

Rick Botelho

Mindset Evocateur. Equity and Planetary Health Advocate

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