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LoveCases because Love Cares

by Paul T. Winfield-Phd category: Environment

“LoveCases brings a suitcase of love (H2O Tabs, Condoms, Gift Cards) to distribute while on service trips

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LoveCases because Love Cares

I must confess I have been torn up about Puerto Rico. Until a couple of months ago, San Juan was my home. My “thoughts and prayers” have been for the best, but those beautiful angels need more than that. The vision: We can send LoveCases, (suitcases filled with items to distribute freely) with people who are going on service trips to help those effected by natural disasters. Ideally, each LoveCase would be filled with three types of items that are desperately needed throughout the community, but are so small a suitcase could hold thousands in quantity.

Our first island we are focused on is Puerto Rico. We hope individuals will travel for a weekend of service, bringing a full size 50 pound #LoveCase of small items to share with the community they are serving.

To start it off, on Friday, November 24, I am going to Puerto Rico to deliver a #LoveCase. The items in my #LoveCase are: Water Purification Tablets, Condoms and small denomination gift cards. Most of the island still does not have safe drinking water. The medical system is still devastated and with most of the island not having electricity, people are not working as normal. People need to be able to buy things with dignity, and no one knows what’s most urgently needed than the people who are in that need. 

I am donating $1000 to the #LoveCase and delivering it Thanksgiving Weekend. If you are moved to help, please send your donations to by Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

Please Share widely. Check Thank You for your consideration and support!!for updates. 


Paul T. Winfield-Phd

A development specialist, program manager and lover of the Caribbean, especially Puerto Rico.

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