Walmart Workers on Strike
“I stand in solidarity with striking Walmart workers this #BlackFriday. Add your name! | #walmartstrikers
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Making Change @ WMT
We're staff at Making Change at Walmart who are supporting hundreds of Walmart associates walking out on strike this month. Walmart is the world's largest private employer, and they set standards for workers around the world. This is the GM sit-down strike of our time. Let's make it count!
Walmart Workers on Strike

For over a year, Walmart workers and workers throughout Walmart’s supply chain have been coming together to speak out for change. They have called on the company to ensure safe working conditions, adequate hours, sufficient staffing, a living wage, regular schedules, and above all, respect in the workplace.

Time and time again, Walmart has sought to silence and retaliate against those who speak up. 

The message is clear -- we won't tolerate this any longer. By joining our Thunderclap, you're standing up alongside Walmart workers nationwide in a virtual Black Friday picket line. Your presence is powerful, and we hope you'll ask others to join you.

A few facts on the Walmart economy:

Walmart (PDF) is the largest private employer in the U.S. 

$408.2 billion - Walmart’s 2010 revenue as the number one Fortune 100 company

But America is paying the price…

196,000 - Number of U.S. jobs lost from 2001-2006 as a result of Walmart’s imports from China

11% - Conservative estimate of percentage of Walmart’s share of U.S. Trade Deficit with China

$8.8 million - Cost to Massachusetts (PDF) of Walmart associates using publicly subsidized health care in 2009

$1 billion - Cost to nation if public safety net use by Walmart associates in Massachusetts is adjusted nationwide (See how cost is calculated here.)

And Walmart associates are paying the price…

$15,500 - Average annual salary of a Walmart sales associate (based on an IBIS World figure)

$8.81 - Average hourly wage of a Walmart sales associate (based on an IBIS World figure)

46¢ - Additional cost per shopping trip for a Walmart customer if the company offered a minimum wage of $12 an hour (PDF)

Walmart makes close to $16 billion in profits and its executives brought home more than $10 million each. Six members of the Walton family, who own half the company, are worth more than the bottom 42% of American families combined.  Those profits are made by keeping all workers in poverty.

This year, on Black Friday, we're calling on Walmart to immediately end its illegal retaliation against Walmart workers.

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