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YOU + ME= An #AIDSFreeGen

by Elizabeth Glaser PAF category: Cause

“An AIDS-free future starts with YOU & ME. Join the fight for an #AIDSFreeGen on World AIDS Day #WAD2013

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This campaign ended on December 01, 2013 at 1PM

YOU + ME= An #AIDSFreeGen

Every day, more than 700 babies are born HIV-positive. Without treatment, more than 80% of these children will die by their 5th birthday. We can change this! 

Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV is one of the most effective weapons in the war against pediatric AIDS. Why? Because it stops the virus from reaching the next generation. We have the tools to offer universal and lifelong access to treatment for HIV-positive mothers and their children around the world.

Ending pediatric AIDS is not just a dream. Reaching our goal of zero new HIV infections is entirely possible. And we're closer than ever!

Action -- not words -- will win the war. Join the fight for an AIDS-free future today:

#AIDSFreeGen #WAD2013

  • United for an AIDS-free future

    December 1, 2013
    To each of the 540 people who supported our World AIDS Day Thunderclap for an #AIDSFreeGen…THANK YOU. Our message was heard in the farthest corners of cyber space, reaching 6,146,795 people!

    Again thank you!

    #WAD2013 isn't over--here are six simple ways that you can continue to fight for an AIDS-free future:
  • We made it happen…TOGETHER

    November 30, 2013
    Couldn't have done it without YOU! Thanks for supporting our #WAD2013 Thunderclap for an #AIDSFreeGen!


    The EGPAF Team
  • Thank you!

    November 28, 2013
    Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

    We are ever so thankful for YOU, our friends in the fight for an AIDS-free future. We're in the final sprint to 500 and need you more than ever. If everyone who has signed on to our World AIDS Day Thunderclap, shares this message on Facebook and/or Twitter, we will get the 140 or so signups we need to reach our goal.

    Help @EGPAF reach their #WAD2013 @ThunderclapIt Goal: 500 @twitter @facebook by 12/1

    Will you help us cross the finish line for an #AIDSFreeGen?

    With gratitude,

    The EGPAF Team
  • Without you...

    November 25, 2013
    Thanks to YOU--we're at 53% and swiftly counting!  

    Every single one of you make our impact greater and our social reach wider. The more people you tell, the more people will hear. Our friend in the fight for an #AIDSFreeGen (and total legend) Yoko Ono signed up today. Our message will not be ignored on December 1!

    Many, many thanks,

    Team EGPAF
  • The snowball effect

    November 19, 2013
    Thanks to you, we're 25% closer to our World AIDS Day goal! A virtual snowball at the top of a cyber hill and the world wide web is our oyster. 

    We're making great progress in the war against HIV/AIDS and we won't stop until an #AIDSFreeGen is a reality! 

    Share this with your friend, who will share it with their friend…who will share it more friends.  Help our snowball gain momentum, gather strength, and grow louder every day.

    On Sunday December 1 the world will hear us loud and clear!

     #WAD2013 #AIDSFreeGen
  • Make it (Thunder)Clap!

    November 18, 2013
    Hi there!

    Hearty claps from us to you! You're among the first 50 fabulous Thunderclappers to join our World AIDS Day call for an AIDS-free future! We're at 12 percent!

    We've got just under two weeks (12 days) to get to our goal: 500 Twitter/Facebook sign ups. We HAVE to reach this goal to ensure that our commitment to creating an AIDS-free generation is the thunderous social media message heard round the world on World AIDS Day, December 1. We really need your help.

    Will you recruit one (or more) new Thunderclappers to make our unified call louder and stronger? Here are some sample message to get help you get your friends involved:

    • I'm part of @EGPAF's #WAD2013 @ThunderclapIt. You should be too! Help us get to 500 @Twitter/@Facebook posts by 12/1:  #AIDSFreeGen
    • An #AIDSFreeGen is within reach! Shout it from (the virtual) rooftops  w/ @EGPAF's #WAD2013 @ThunderclapIT! 
    • An AIDS-free future starts with U & ME. Stand up for an #AIDSFreeGen this #WAD2013 @ThunderclapIt 

    Your friends in the fight against HIV/AIDS,


Elizabeth Glaser PAF

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) began 25 years ago with three friends around a kitchen table. Today, EGPAF is a leader in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, a beacon of programmatic and research excellence, and a champion of mothers, children, and families all over the world.

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