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Ending Child Sex Trafficking

by Committee to Support the ITNJ category: Cause

“Shed the FULL light of truth on the true nature and extent of the human trafficking and child sex abuse pandemic.

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Ending Child Sex Trafficking

Are you fed up with corruption and evil?

We are… the ITNJ and it’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse is the perfect opportunity to unite all living men and women behind one cause - one mission - that is personal to us all.

Stand with us NOW in solidarity as we shine the light of truth on the unspeakable atrocities perpetrated upon millions of innocent children.

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The International Tribunal for Natural Justice - ITNJ

No one has properly documented what appears to be the real story: eight million children a year – 22,000 children a day – scooped up around the world and placed into captivity that in most cases leads to death within two years. The lucky ones are labor slaves and sex slaves; the unlucky ones are tortured, murdered, and their blood, bone marrow, and body parts exploited by predators addicted to adrenochrome and other nefarious anti-aging protocols.

The enacted abuse and crimes against humanity being committed in regards to human trafficking and child sex abuse is the greatest continuing genocide in our history. The evidence of these injustices leads to the highest reaches of religious, secular and governmental world leadership. Until these issues are dragged into the mainstream and formally acknowledged by media, society, and our institutions of governance, millions of victims will continue to be harvested into its complex.  

In 2015 after a small fundraiser, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) was established to apprehend the abuses and tyranny of systems and institutions; restore truth and reason to the delivery of justice in the world; and uphold natural justice as the foundational tenet of human expression beyond the artifice of borders and boundaries.

Now in 2018, the ITNJ is proud to announce the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. The principal intention behind the Commission is not to instigate witch hunts or target particular figures, but rather to set in motion a culture which ensures the restoration of truth, disclosure, reconciliation, and redemption surrounding human trafficking and child sex abuse.

The goal of the Commission is to achieve in 6 months what leaders and governments of the world have failed to do in centuries — shed the FULL light of truth on the true nature and extent of the human trafficking and child sex abuse pandemic.

We need $3 million to do what no one else has done before. One third of this will fund extremely secure collection and processing of data from thousands of sources. One third will fund support travel expenses for eighteen Commissioners and an equal number of adjunct investigators. The final third will cover salaries, most part-time and within non-profit parameters, for a large and dedicated group of people who believe that exposing pedophilia and ritual satanic abuse are the central issue which will lead to a great and irreversible planetary awakening, both morally and socio-politically.

 A few of our other goals include:

  1. 1 million new Treaty signatures 
  2. Fly in our worldwide team to London
  3. Acquire venue at Westminster Central Hall
  4. 9-12 month European tour documenting key witnesses
  5. Production costs (live-streaming & event-production)
  6. Full length documentary film showcasing the Commission of Inquiry

If you are not already incensed by the scourge on humanity which human trafficking and child sex abuse represents, then we direct your attention to the dossier prepared to highlight the most egregious cases we are aware of, and which the Commission proposes to hear.


Committee to Support the ITNJ

The ITNJ belongs to the People and is not controlled by any nation, state, corporation, or ‘special interests’. The committee is comprised of people located mostly in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Aotearoa (New Zealand), with members also in Germany, Mexico, Bali, and Argentina. We have looked around us and recognized that our governments, economies, and legal systems aren’t working correctly. Most people, no matter how much or how little they know about law or justice, would agree the system is broken. We intend to fix it. When we learned that the ITNJ was a court where any agent or government official who works under the corporate veil of protection and knowingly causes harm can be held accountable for their actions regardless of title, status, or position, we wanted to know how we could help. We passionately follow a path of Truth, knowing that if Justice were served by a truly independent Tribunal, we might see many things in our daily lives change for the better.

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