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“Noncommunicable Diseases: We have had ENOUGH. It’s time to move from commitment to action.

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This campaign ended on June 14, 2018 at 12PM


NCDs are the #1 cause of death and disability worldwide.

NCDs – mainly cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes account for 70 percent of global mortality; 80 percent of premature deaths from NCDs occur in low- and middle-income countries, and everywhere they disproportionately impact the most vulnerable people. Many NCDs are preventable - no person should have to endure avoidable suffering.

We invite you to join us as we make 2018 a pivotal year for NCDs;

Political leaders, policy makers, and others who make decisions about people's health and future need to hear that we have had ENOUGH.

Our health is our right, and all people need action to protect it right now.

Some more information on NCDs:
  • NCDs are not transmissible from person to person
  • 15 million people between the ages of 30 and 70 die each year from NCDs
  • 86% of NCD deaths occur in low and mid-income countries
  • Much of the death and disability from NCDs is preventable
  • The main modifiable risk factors for NCDs are unhealthy diets, tobacco use, alcohol use, and physical inactivity.
Countries around the world have committed to targets to reduce the burden of NCDs by addressing specific targets on access to care, treatment, and reducing risk factors. But we need you to commit to hold governments to account as countries are not on track to meet those targets by 2025.


  • Thank you all 378 of you who joined in saying #ENOUGHNCDs

    June 15, 2018
    Thanks to you, we did it! Not only did we reach our goal of 250 supporters, but we surpassed it with over 150 sign-ups in the final 24 hours of the thunderclap countdown, all unified around one key message: NCDs - we've had ENOUGH. It's time to move from commitment to action!

    With the help of the thunderclap and your engagement, NCD Alliance continued to build on ever more prominent digital discussions on NCDs; together we amplified your messages throughout social media with hundreds of mentions and retweets and millions of impressions, together we activated the digital world to talk more about NCDs, together we raised awareness, and together we engaged new voices and audiences. 

    Thank you for participating, now don't stop at a thunderclap, maintain the momentum! 

    Over coming months, especially in the lead up to the High-Level Meeting on NCDs on 27 September, we encourage you to continue to use your powerful voice to talk about NCDs - your experiences, what's working and what's not, what needs to be done better and more, what you commit to do to accelerate action on NCDs... We need more people in all places to advocate for governments and leaders to step up to end preventable suffering, stigma, death and disability from NCDs.
    Stay tuned as details emerge on the: 
    Let's make sure our voices are not confined to the digital world, but resonate throughout the places and spaces where every minute of every day people live with NCDs and work on their prevention, treatment and care, and the implications of policy decisions made by governments.

    Finally, visit to find out what else you can do to Take Action & make 2018 really count for NCD prevention and control.
    Thank you again & best wishes

    Lucy Westerman
    NCD Alliance

  • Thank you! + a few more simple steps to amplify #enoughNCDs

    June 13, 2018
    Thanks to you, we have surpassed our goal to have over 250 supporters for this thunderclap - we now have over 300 supporters in over 120 cities around the world, and will reach around 2 million people through social media with our message of unity. The thunderclap will go live at midday UK time, but don't let it stop at a thunderclap!

    What else can you do to advocate and amplify on the digital activation day for NCDs, this Thursday 14 June?

    1. Share your own message about NCDs on social media:

    You might be inspired by the question - When it comes to NCDs, what have you had enough of?

    Remember to use the hashtag #enoughNCDs. We will be monitoring it and sharing some of the messages.

    2. Share this message on social media by either cutting & pasting or clicking on the twitter link:

    Much NCD suffering is preventable & we know the solutions. #HLM3 on #NCDs is a pivotal opportunity for governments to move from commitment to action. We call on leaders to step up to improve the lives of millions of people everywhere. #enoughNCDs

    Simply click here to share the above message: [TWITTER].

    3. Be inspired and share the images in this Social Media Toolkit.

    An example is attached but there are more in the link above. Add your own advocacy message tagged with #enoughNCDs.

    4. Visit and be an agent of change

    Share a message from the website or add your own to the Voices of Change

    Visit Take Action and find something you can do, such as take a pledge to act.

    5. Stay in touch

    Your support means a lot to us and we would love to count on you to keep up the momentum as the High-Level Meeting on NCDs on 27 September approaches. Please contact us if you are keen to know what else you can do to activate and mobilise in pursuit of the most successful HLM possible.

    6. Save the date & start planning: 

    3 - 9 September 2018 - Global Week for Action on NCDs 

    With the digital world switched on to talk about NCDs, the first Global Week for Action on NCDs - from Monday 3 September to Sunday 9 September - will provide everyone, everywhere the opportunity to mobilise on the ground in the lead-up to the HLM on NCDs, under the theme ENOUGH. Our Health. Our Right. Right Now.

    This will be a global opportunity to talk to each other, to leaders, to media, to crowds, to the world about what works well and what needs to change to ensure a transition from commitment to tangible actions that not only yield reportable improvements in NCD targets and outcomes, but result in the improvement of health and lives of all people in all places.

    The opportunities are endless. Possible activities include organising a meeting, community conversation, picnic, fun run, dance party, or art competition. The week is your chance to do something achievable, appropriate, relevant and impactful where you live, but linked to a global movement.

    More information is coming soon, but for now bookmark and add the date to your calendars. We encourage you to get planning, and contact us to share ideas about what you will do to mobilise your leaders and community for action on NCDs.

    With thanks & best wishes

    ENOUGH. Campaign Team / NCD Alliance


The NCD Alliance

#enoughNCDs - Making NCD prevention & control a priority, everywhere #NCDs #NonCommunicableDiseases.

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