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“Support Macecraft Software by spreading the word about its initiative to release jv16 PowerTools 2014 as Open Source http://thndr.it/1cFMK70

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jv16 PowerTools as Open Source

jv16 PowerTools is one of the most popular Windows utility suites, with a history tracing back to the late 1990′s and with millions of downloads under its belt.

The latest user survey we carried out in May and June of 2013, over 87% of the software's users rated it good, giving it full 5 points! We also asked about going open source, and the majority of people answering the survey agreed that it would be a good idea and said they would be willing to participate financially to make it possible. So, here we are!

What is open source?

Open source software means that the software is free to use, for personal and commercial use. In addition, the source code – the blueprint of how the software is built – is also made public and for everyone to see. 

You do not have to be a developer or coder in order to use open source software or to benefit from it. As an end user, if jv16 PowerTools goes open software, nothing changes except that the program would become free for you to use! And it would become a whole lot more powerful with new amazing features, different editions and faster bug fixes! And the best parts of the program can be used in other software as well!

The future of jv16 PowerTools – open source software via crowdspeaking and crowdfunding?

We have been developing jv16 PowerTools for well over 10 years. Now we feel it could be the time to make history and take the program to the next level by releasing jv16 PowerTools as free, open source software.

Crowdspeaking is when each person amplifies the power of the message that they want to be heard. By connecting your social media accounts to our thunderclap.it campaign, you will be building up on the impact and social reach that is already established, helping jv16 PowerTools to become open source by letting as many people as possible know of the upcoming fund raising campaign.

Crowdfunding is when a company sets a goal for raising funds in a set period of time. Everyone who wants to contribute makes a pledge to pay any sum of money they want. It can be as little as $5. If enough people contribute by the due date, the software will be released as open source. However, for this to happen, we first need to let the world know about the initiative. For this reason, we are inviting you, the reader, to join the “thunder” and make it clap so hard that it will be heard on every continent!

As soon as there will be enough social reach, we will publish the crowdfunding campaign and raise funds to make this vision a reality!

  • jv16 PowerTools Crowdfunding Live

    January 23, 2014
    The crowdfunding campaign is now live and ready to receive your funding support in order to convert jv16 PowerTools into free, open source software.

    Make sure to spread the word, share the Indiegogo campaign page and support our cause with as little or as much as you can in order to put this project on its natural development cycle, selling it to the people who actually use it and to people that can and will improve it further.

    The crowdfunding campaign is available at:

    Lets Go Open Source !
  • jv16 PowerTools to Become Open Source by Crowdfunding

    January 22, 2014
    As scheduled and as a result of the phenomenal attention to the cause that you have all managed to create thanks to your social media support, we will be releasing the crowdfunding campaign to convert jv16 PowerTools, an already established commercial Windows maintenance utility, to free, open source software.

    Using Thunderclap and thanks to you all, we can consider that we 
    already achieved considerable success in gaining momentum for the crowdfunding campaign.

    Due to the fact that your support has managed to generate a reach of over one million people people from all around the world, we hope to achieve 
    what no one has done before – use crowdfunding as the means to convert a popular, commercial software product to free, open source software.

    Make sure to spread the word, share the Indiegogo upcoming campaign page and support our cause with as little or as much as you can in order to put this project on its natural development cycle, selling it to the people who actually use it and to people that can and will improve it further.

    The crowdfunding campaign will be live, as scheduled, on the 23rd of January 2014, on Indiegogo:


    For more information on the release of jv6 PowerTools as open source as well as current crowdfunding campaign goals, visit the official Macecraft Software company website at:


    Lets Go Open Source !

  • "jv16 PowerTools as Open Source" echoes in 2014

    December 31, 2013
    The holiday season was extremely rewarding for us this year as you have all been a great community and we at Macecraft Software honestly appreciate your support! So far the support for the Lets Go Open Source Campaign has been amazing. 

    With the help of your continuous social support and community sharing with have not only managed to exceed our initial expectations but are also glad to see new campaign members signing up each day, constantly increasing the power of the cumulative voice that will echo in 2014: 
    "jv16 PowerTools as Open Source".

    Meanwhile, we have been busy making sure that everything is setup and ready to go on the 23rd of January 2014, the date at which your voice will be heard and when, as a result of your recently manifested social support, the crowdfunding campaign will be launched. For this reason, if you would like to stay in the loop with this project and its milestones, make sure to subscribe to the campaign updates in order to receive important notifications throughout this time.

    For now, we would like to thank you all for the trust and appreciation that you have manifested towards our work and product, reason why we have prepared a holiday season themed wallpaper that you can enjoy throughout the first days of 2014. Make sure to choose the resolution that matches your screen or feel free to message us and request a different resolution that you would like to share with family and friends and we will be glad to publish it as well:

    Happy New Year and Lets Go Open Source in 2014 !

  • Your voice will be heard

    December 23, 2013
    Just recently we asked for your social support to turn jv16 PowerTools into Open Source software. Less than 24 hours later, our first milestone objective has been reached, with over 100 people from all around the world connecting their social media accounts, uniting in a cumulative voice power of over 25.000 people in the audience. 

    Stepping further towards the end of the year, we would like to take this chance and thank everyone that has been backing our initiative up to this moment without any hesitation and to invite you all to continue connecting your social media accounts so that, together, we can achieve what is to be one of the most important moments in Windows cleaning software history.

    We truly hope that you will be also choosing to take part of the historical event that will be happening in 2014 - our very first crowd funding campaign, in an attempt to release jv16 PowerTools as free for anyone to improve and use.

    Our new milestone is now 250 social backers or a 60.000 social reach audience (whichever is reached first), level that, in case breached, will allow us to release a very special Christmas surprise for all of you!

    Stay tuned to this project by subscribing for updates and inviting your friends and colleagues to back us up on their own via social media.

    This winter, lets all gather round for a united, more powerful message:

    "jv16 PowerTools as Open Source !"

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We are Macecraft Software, an awesome small business, on an epic quest to make the most fabulous software for Windows. Our number one product is called jv16 PowerTools, despite sounding funny, it’s all serious business. The bottom line is that our software makes your Windows PC – old or new – run like Usain Bolt on steroids!

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