Free Energy trumps Inferno
“Free Energy is a far better solution to population issues than Dan Brown's #Inferno
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Sterling Allan
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Free Energy trumps Inferno


Having just spent an entire Sunday reading the last 2/3 of Dan Brown's Inferno, I must say that I am deeply disappointed. It's the second time in my life when I've completed a longer book essentially in one setting, the first time being when I stayed up all night reading Body Electric by Robert Becker.

I love how Dan Brown weaves his story with symbolism and mystery, while evading overwhelming odds; and how he leaves you guessing about who the friends and foes are. 

I had high expectations about a good resolution to the problem -- overpopulation -- that was presented in the book. I was totally hooked in the plot -- until the last 1/5 of the book when I could see where Dan seemed to be headed with his solution. Dan, as portrayed by Robert Langdon, ended up being converted to a modified version of the radical idea of a mass kill-off of the population.

Introducing a vector virus that changes people's DNA such that 1/3 of the human population becomes infertile has nothing to do with freedom and everything to with sociopathic geoengineering by those who consider themselves elite enough to make such radical decisions on behalf of humanity. That is not a benevolent solution, Dan. Nor is Transhumanism (H+), for the same reason.

Just because it doesn't make people sick and doesn't kill them doesn't mean it's not evil.

Taking away people's choice is not of God. In my world view, Freedom versus Compulsion is the same as Good versus Evil. Anything that compromises freedom is not good. Anything that enlarges freedom is good.

Free Energy Solution

Dan Brown's world view, and those he portrays in his book, does not fathom (for lack of awareness) the revolution that can come from the introduction of exotic free energy, which is all about freedom and empowerment.

(For those not familiar with what I mean by "free energy," I am referring to devices that harness the wheelwork of nature to tap into inexhaustible sources of power that are free for the taking. The devices are not free, but are likely to be much cheaper than conventional, polluting energy sources presently in play.)

So his book completely overlooks one very important solution to the problem posed in his book.

Once these exotic free energy technologies emerge, here are the solutions that will have direct bearing on population and sustainability:

  • Cheap and simple methods of water desalination and filtration to remedy the water shortage problems worldwide. 
  • Reduction in energy cost will result in reduction in transportation costs, which will reduce food cost.
  • Distribution worldwide of affordable energy, to uplift all of humanity.
  • Feasibility of distributed organic food growing.
  • Increased responsibility of the population from increased education (due to increased standard of living from inexpensive power), which leads to more responsible birthrate decisions.
  • Empowerment of the individual to do what they are gifted at, rather than working jobs doing things they hate.
  • Ability to live in previously inhospitable regions, in deserts, on mountains, on the oceans, under the oceans.

The Malthusian math, that is the basis of the "overpopulation crisis" that is a theme of Dan Brown's book is rendered moot by the emergence of Exotic Free Energy.

Even if the present birthrate continued at its present rate, Free Energy would add at least 100 years to the maxing out point. But I believe that with the emergence of Free Energy will be accompanied by a raise in consciousness, which will include a much more responsible birthrate.

I've come to realizing recently that the command to "multiply and replenish the earth" was suitable to when mankind was beginning. But there does come a maxing out point where that edict needs to be balanced to a sustainable level (e.g. two children per couple).

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