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“Let’s #givetoxicstheboot! Help us send the message that the time for meaningful toxic chemicals reform is NOW. http://thndr.it/1hLE98A

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Give Toxics the Boot

Please help us reach our stretch goal of 400 supporters!

Toxic chemicals don’t belong in our homes, products or bodies. Because of our weak state and federal laws, toxic chemicals are harming our Fire Fighters and children.

Fire Fighters are fighting illnesses and dying every year, many due to cancers presumed to be from exposure to flame retardants. With many dying in hospitals or hospice, “with their boots off” in addition to fires. They are uniquely exposed to dozens of harmful, highly toxic chemicals while in the line of fire, absorbing chemicals that we are all exposed to from the products in our homes.

Toxic flame retardant chemicals which were forced out of infant pajamas because of their toxicity, are still used in over 85% of the couches in our homes. This is unacceptable!

These chemicals cause cancer in animals and neurological problems in children. They are also thought to be affecting our fertility.

It’s time we insist that chemical companies prove their chemicals are safe for our families and Fire Fighters before they are used. Fire fighters are the canaries in the coalmine. Their health problems as a result of being exposed to toxic chemicals should serve as a warning for the health of our families. It’s time to give toxic chemicals the boot!

  • We Made it!

    March 26, 2014
    Thank you for all of your support. We made it!

    It's time to demand Toxic Chemical Reform that actually protects us! 

    So keep talking about it, keep spreading the word that false reform is not good enough. Not sure where to turn? Try www.SaferChemicals.org for the truth about chemicals and flame retardants that hurt us.
  • Thanks to you, we made it! But let's keep going!!

    March 23, 2014
    Warmest thanks to you Thunderclap supporters of #GiveToxicsTheBoot!

    We know if we speak with a single voice, we cannot be ignored. Chemical companies are fighting hard to maintain a lucrative business channel while we suffer the harmful affects of flame retardants in our couches and homes.

    The more people that sign up to support this campaign, the louder social voice we'll have. So please, encourage your friends and colleagues to join our Thunderclap. Encourage everyone you know to #GiveToxicsTheBoot.

    Let's try and reach 400!

    The Team

  • Thank you! And 10 days to go...

    March 16, 2014
    Thank you for adding your voice to the #givetoxicstheboot Thunderclap effort! We have just 10 days to go until March 26th, the day that Toxic Hot Seat will be screening around the country, from Alaska to Florida, hosted with our partners Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and the International Association of Fire Fighters. For screening locations and tickets, see www.givetoxicstheboot.org/see

    With 10 days to go, we still have some ground to cover to meet our Thunderclap goal and make as big a collective noise as we can in favor of meaningful toxic chemical reform NOW. 

    Please share your support with your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers. 

    Thank you, again, for your voice. When we speak together as one, we cannot be ignored.

    the #givetoxicstheboot team

Toxic Hot Seat Movie

Flame retardants known to be dangerous are currently being used in products with high levels of human exposure without adequate toxicological testing. There is no requirement for health data nor sufficient authority to regulate other chemicals. There are over 80,000 chemicals in use in our homes that are not required to be tested by any government agency. We know the use of these chemicals is posing a threat to our home eco-system, especially our most vulnerable and our first responders. Fire Fighters are dying every year, not in burning buildings but with their boots off in hospitals or hospice, due to cancer presumed to be from burning flame retardants. From studies in children, those with the highest levels of prenatal exposure to flame retardants scored an average of five points lower on I.Q. tests than the children with lower exposures, an impact similar to the effect of lead exposure in early life. Toxic chemicals are legally allowed in the products in our homes due to outdated state and federal laws. Many of these chemicals can harm our families, but are a particular concern for fire fighters. Let’s get them out of our homes now.

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