HOWL for your NHS

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“Join a HOWL of protest at the devastating cuts and privatisation of the NHS #StopSTPs #careforthenhs #NHSnotforsale http://thndr.me/TqBy0k

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HOWL for your NHS

The government’s Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) mean massive NHS CUTS AND CLOSURES

STPs = Slash Trash and Privatise, the secret destruction of OUR NHS

In December 2015, NHS England demanded the enforced balancing of NHS budgets within an impossible time limit. England was divided into 44 'Footprint' areas, each of which had to produce a "Sustainability and Transformation Plan" (STP) to show how they will make devastating and dangerous cuts, or so called 'efficiency' savings.

"These plans are potentially catastrophic and will put lives at risk" - Dr Taj Hassan, President, Royal College of Emergency Medicine

The cuts being demanded are to be achieved by actions including:
    • Closing and downgrading A&E Departments
    • Closing consultant-led Maternity and Paediatric Departments
    • Closing Cancer Departments
    • Cutting and downgrading clinical and medical staff
    • Abandoning safety standards and waiting time targets
    • Reducing referrals for treatments and operations
    • Reducing hospital admissions
    • Reducing the number and types of drugs prescribed
    • Closing clinics, hospital departments, GP surgeries & pharmacies
    • Cutting the number of hospital beds
    • Closing entire hospitals and selling irreplaceable NHS land

Failure to achieve 'efficiencies' or cuts will be punished by further reductions in funding. A sham 'consultation' may be launched, but only after plans have already been approved, contracts signed, land sold and implementation started.

"We already have one of the lowest number of beds in the developed world, we need more beds not fewer" - Dr Chris Moulton, Vice President RCEM

What YOU can do to defend our health services:
  • Write to your GP, MP and local Councillors. They all have the power to influence and oppose these catastrophic STPs.
  • Attend Hospital Trust Board, Council and CCG meetings and have your say.
  • It’s our NHS – Join the fight back to save our NHS

Raise your voices in protest with us at the HOWL event on 28th January.
Come to the national demonstration on 4th March.

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Hands Off Our NHS!!

A coalition of groups campaigning for a publicly owned NHS free at the point of use.

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