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“Let’s grow Milkmade! Get the best ice cream of your life, delivered right to your door. Support the #lickstarter! http://thndr.it/1aMXV0l

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Milkmade's Lickstarter

Hi I'm Diana, the founding Milkmaid behind MilkMade Ice Cream. 

First of all THANK YOU for considering pledging to help spread the word about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We're calling it a Lickstarter, so there. 

I'll tell you just a brief bit about what we're up to here at MilkMade. See, MilkMade Ice Cream launched exactly four years ago. I love ice cream, was eating it all the time, and simply wanted a better pint! 

You know what I mean -- what was once “all natural” isn't anymore. 16 oz pints have magically shrunk to 14 oz. Our go-to pints aren't local and sustainable and the flavors are just not quite adventurous enough, right?

So I decided to make my own ice cream. Turns out I make a mean pint, in flavors that you can only dream about, and - suddenly - everyone wanted my 'scream. 

So, with a team of Milkmaids, we started the world's first ice cream of the month delivery service. We launched four years ago with the first 50 people off our waitlist (yes, waitlist!), and slowly grew to serve thousands of members all across Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

We can't stop there! And that's why we need your help. We've got a list of millions of people worldwide who want our ice cream, and it's time we deliver it to you. Help us grow our operations today so tomorrow we can deliver our pints right to your door.  (Well, not "tomorrow" - but, very soon).

All it takes right now is a pledge to post of Twitter, on Facebook, or on Tumblr (or how about all three). 

Yours in ice cream.


  • We're Live!

    December 17, 2013
    Hey everybody! 

    We're thrilled to announce that our Lickstarter is live! You can check out our site and rewards for backing our Lickstarter here: www.milkmadeicecream.com/lickstarter

    With your help, we reached 2,155,393 number of people to kickstart our lickstarter. Now that we're fully launched, we'd love your help to continue building early momentum for the campaign. Some of the most successful Kickstarters get the majority of their traction in the first week, and it would mean the world to us if you could help us ensure a successful campaign in the following few ways this week:

    1. Help Us Grow: Our Lickstarter funding goes towards a new, larger ice cream machine that will help us increase production by 5X and exponentially grow our operations. Plus, we have some awesome rewards lined up for our backers. Check them out here: www.milkmadeicecream.com/lickstarter

    2. Word of Mouth: Keep spreading the word (in person and online!) and let your friends know that soon they’ll be able to get their hands on more MilkMade Ice Cream than ever before! We’re so excited!

    Thanks again for everyone's support via twitter, faebook and tumblr! You rock!

    <00 Diana + the Milkmaids
  • We Did It!

    December 3, 2013
    WOOHOO! We reached 100 supporters, but why stop there? Our "Lickstarter" launches December 9th (find out more details here) and our Thunderclap will help make our campaign 'scream. Let's keep the ball rolling! 

    Thank you to everyone who has pledged their tweets, posts and blogs! 

    <00 Diana and the Milkmaids


Hey, we’re the Milkmaids! We are a craft ice cream company based in New York City. We run an ice cream of the month membership and delivery serivce, and have served thousands of members across New York. With a national waitlist of over 5,000, and a worldwide following of over 1.5 million, we’re finally ready to ship our pints to your door. Join us on our next adventures in ice cream!

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