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Rise Above the Noise

Social media marketing is a challenge. It’s tough to rise above the noise and make sure that your message actually gets heard and leads to action.

We want to help. Thunderclap synchronizes social media to help you break through. The platform allows brands to connect with their audience in a uniquely interactive way.

The “DNA”

We’ve seen brands launch tons of successful Thunderclap campaigns. It’s the go-to platform for amplifying messages that matter, and seamlessly integrates into your audience’s other online interactions with your brand.

Over time, we’ve zeroed in on what makes a campaign create real change. The “DNA” of a successful Thunderclap looks something like this:

Strong brand assets are what makes you unique and captures a supporter’s attention. Maybe it’s your logo, a spokesperson, a video, or an image. Include a visual element to your campaign. For example, Fight for the Future asked supporters to “light up the Fourth Amendment as if it were fireworks,” by rallying around the cause. Whatever you’ve got, make it a cornerstone of your campaign.

A message that resonates with your audience goes beyond promoting a product. Discovery Channel’s Shark Week executed this perfectly. By developing a campaign around shark conservation, rather than simply promoting Shark Week programming, the organizers connected fans with a relevant cause.

A specific event and time for a campaign lets fans rally around a moment that matters and lets you own the timeline of your message. When Univision wanted to honor the late singer Jenni Rivera during the Premio lo Nuestro award show, the network launched a Thunderclap during its live broadcast to unite Jenni’s fans in a moment of applause.

An engaged network is vital to the success of a Thunderclap. Promote your campaign with social media, email, and word of mouth. Illustrate the value of your fans’ support and encourage them to lend their social reach and speak together.

How can brands benefit?

Thunderclap isn’t just for causes and non-profits. It’s a platform for anyone that wants to connect with people in a way that rises above the noise of social networks.

Thunderclap allows you to develop strategic campaigns that not only reach your audience, but also create real impact by being in control of your message and timing. The platform also offers comprehensive analytics that allow brand managers to see which social networks their fans are on, and how they’re sharing the message.

And they share a lot. What’s better than one share? How about two? 50% of Thunderclap supporters back a message and then send a message on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr asking friends and followers to support that message as well.

Thunderclap allows you to own the timeline of sharing your message. Align with an event or product launch, and develop a strategic campaign that is perfectly timed to create real impact. It provides an opportunity to empower your audience to speak for you, and recruit their friends to do the same.

Why It Works

  • Crowdspeaking allows consumers and fans to speak for brands. When friends get suggestions from friends, they’re more likely to act.
  • Seamlessly align your brand with a message people want to rally around and share.
  • With Thunderclap's analytics, learn who your most vocal fans are, and which social networks they’re using to spread the word.

Thunderclap Premium Plans

Thunderclap premium plans help you increase your impact, track supporter engagement and tailor your page with your brand's assets.

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