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Buy 500 Instagram Followers

Small businesses should have at least 500 IG followers in the initial stages. These followers will soon attract more followers. You will see how these followers can benefit your business and improve your communications over time.

To be relevant on Instagram, you need to have more followers than ever. Experts in social media recommend that you have at least 500 Instagram followers, especially for small businesses. The “buy 500 Instagram followers” package will allow you to attract organic followers as well as your immediate following. As a result, you will see an increase in conversion rates.

Importance of 500 Instagram followers and Steps to Buy 500 Instagram Followers

Although almost everyone has an Instagram account these days, it doesn't mean it is easy to get followers. There are hundreds of thousands of accounts competing for attention. However, there is an easy way to gain followers and keep them interested. This is known as "buying followers."

For years, the idea that you must have a certain amount of followers to be taken seriously has been circulated. This is especially true when you are starting your brand. The vanity metrics, after all, are about appearances. Your profile will be enhanced by followers who share content with their networks. As a result, your profile will be more attractive to others and attracts followers who will learn more about you and your business.

ThunderClap allows you to buy 500 Instagram followers. This helps you to build your credibility. Many people will see your page, and you become more prominent. You will get a lot more feedback and likes if you have many followers. This encourages others to follow your posts and visit your page. This helps you build your reputation.

Some might wonder if buying followers is a new scam. However, buying Instagram followers is a common business activity that helps level the playing field between small and large businesses. Furthermore, it is smart to purchase followers, as small businesses cannot afford the same marketing resources.

What are the benefits of purchasing real Insta followers?

A business, company, or individual can buy Instagram followers to gain instant visibility. It's not easy to gain followers with over a billion active Instagram users. There are many options for big businesses to speed up their growth of followers. They also have higher revenue. However, small businesses cannot match this strength. Many choose to purchase followers because it is the most efficient method.

Buy followers is a proven strategy to make an Instagram account more accessible. This strategy is easier than other methods, and it can be more cost-effective. The benefits of a more prominent account are greater, whether it is brand recognition, sales, etc.

Small businesses should have at least 500 IG followers. You can find these followers through These followers will quickly draw more attention to your page. By fine-tuning the communication, you will see how these followers can benefit your business and yourself.

It would help if you had more Instagram followers to be successful on Instagram. Experts in social media recommend that small businesses have at least 500 Instagram followers. In addition, you can attract many organic followers to your profile with the buy 500 Instagram Followers package.

What are the top Instagram milestones that you should know?

Instagram Milestone #1 - Reach 100 Followers

As soon as your profile is created, the first milestone on Instagram you should focus on is 100 followers. This is a simple task, especially if your posts are high-quality and use hashtags.

You will be granted access to Instagram Insights if you reach 100 followers on Instagram. You will need a Professional (Creator/Business account) to access Instagram Insights. Your account can be converted to Professional at any time. You can also switch it back to Personal at any time.

Note: You can change to a professional account via Instagram > Settings > Account > Change to Professional Account.

Insights will allow you to view more information about your top-performing content (posts or stories), activity (reach, impressions), and audience. Without 100 followers, the information about your audience wouldn't be available. It is essential to gain valuable insights about your target audience, such as when they are most active and their demographics. Accounts with less than 100 followers will not be able to access the Growth metric, which ought to be helpful for new Instagram accounts. This will reduce your Instagram performance and can lead to a decrease in engagement rates over time.

Promoting your products via paid advertising can be difficult if you don't fully understand their demographics. If you don’t access the Growth metric, it will be difficult to determine which posts attract the most followers each week. Likewise, it will not be possible to predict which posts are going to the top and bottom of your Instagram feed and what triggers them.

Instagram Milestone #2: Reach 500 Followers

Although it may seem random, 500 followers should be your main priority once you have 100 followers. So what is the point of 500 followers?

Once you have 500 followers on Instagram, you will use an amazing feature to help you grow your account - hashtags. As with regular posts, you can use hashtags to reach hundreds or even thousands of people and increase their followers.

Many people can follow you if your story is great and you have a good feed with a catchy bio. You can still use hashtags to tell your stories on Instagram if you have less than 500 followers, but you won't get any views from those hashtags. These and many more are the reasons to buy 500 Instagram followers.

Instagram Milestone #3: Reach 1000 Followers

This milestone is an important part of your Instagram journey. Here are the reasons.

While you won't get any new features by reaching 1000 followers on Instagram, this milestone is important for your benefit. It is not easy to get so many people to be interested in your profile.

You can get up to 1000 people interested in your profile if you're able to do so. You will know the best steps and what works for your profile if you have 1000 followers. You could multiply it. Because you already know what works for your niche and Instagram.

If you fail to reach these 1000 followers, you will never know what worked or didn't. So you might need some help, which is not always a bad thing.

Instagram Milestone #4: Reach 10,000 Followers

You will need to realize that reaching 10,000 followers is not an easy task. This is the Instagram milestone you want to reach because you can add links to your stories once you have 10,000 followers. This is a big deal. However, unlike the three previous important milestones, 10,000 Instagram followers require dedication and time.

This feature allows you to convert some of your Instagram users into website traffic. This feature will make it easy for both you and your followers. They can easily swipe up to view your website, shop, or blog from within Instagram.

You can include any link that you like, promote new products to your audience, offer giveaways, share affiliate links, do sponsored posts, and many other things.

The best part?

Story Insights can be used to track how many people visited the link in your Instagram story. After you have reached 10,000 followers, you can set the next milestone on your Instagram account. First, you need to start somewhere, so we recommend new accounts to buy 500 Instagram followers.

Final Note

If you are looking to grow your Instagram page with followers who will engage in the content, you should buy 500 Instagram followers. This is because these people have already shown interest in your brand and what you're posting. When they see new posts on their feed from your account, they’ll likely interact with them instead of scrolling past like most do when nothing is interesting going on at the moment. So if you want to drive up engagement for your social media marketing strategy, make sure you buy 500 Instagram Followers!

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