Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thunderclap?
Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Join a Thunderclap, and you and others will share the same message at the same time, spreading an idea through Facebook and Twitter that cannot be ignored.

What exactly am I agreeing to when I authorize my Facebook or Twitter account?
You’re allowing Thunderclap to share a single message on your behalf. This is only the case when you click the button on the campaign page to support with Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. After the campaign is complete, we won’t post any additional messages.

Will you only post to my account, or to my friends' accounts as well?
Just your feed. We won't spam your friends; that wouldn't be nice.

Wait, but why does the authorization message say you need access to my friends list?
The permissions granted to us by Twitter and Facebook include some that we have no intention of using, which includes access to your friends list. We only post a single message to your account in support of your chosen campaign. We only store a token that is given to us by the social networks over a secure connection. We do not see your password, nor do we store it in our system.

What if I decide that I no longer want to support a campaign?
Not to worry. You can always opt out of a specific campaign by returning to the campaign page and following the prompts.

For campaign organizers:

I’ve submitted my Thunderclap but it has not been approved yet. What’s up?
We typically approve campaigns within 1-3 days. As long as your campaign does not include profanity or offensive content, it will get approved.

How much does it cost?
There is no charge to create or support a basic Thunderclap. For details on our premium paid options, click here.

Can I use a link shortener for my URL?
Thunderclap automatically shortens the URL you submit to a “” link, so don’t worry about shortening it before you submit it.

How do I promote my Thunderclap?
Share the link to your campaign page with your friends on social media and email as often as possible leading up to your campaign’s launch date. You should also check out our handy guide for strategic promotion tips.

I run a Facebook page for a brand or organization. Can I support a Thunderclap campaign as my page?
No. Because Facebook pages have likes instead of friends, they can’t directly back a Thunderclap campaign. However, page admins can still post the link to a campaign page on their organization’s page and encourage fans to support it.

I want to embed the Thunderclap widget on my site. Can I have the code?
Sure! You can find the instructions here.

How large is the main photo on the campaign page?
570 x 260 px

I have more questions about Thunderclap.
Email us at and we'll help you out!