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Our Buy Instagram Followers FAQ

Have questions? Get the inside scoop on the most frequently asked

Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is a social media platform where you can share your life with others. To be successful on Instagram, you need as many followers as possible.

Most people struggle to grow their social media following, but it doesn't need to be that way. If you're looking for a way to boost your Instagram followers, don't worry! There are many services available on the internet that allow you to get Instagram followers at affordable prices.

Most of these companies offer packages with different follower count increments so you can choose the one most comfortable for your budget and needs. Then, with just a few clicks, you'll have more followers in no time at all!

What is an Instagram growth service?

Instagram growth services are third-party apps that interact with your Instagram account. They love to follow other accounts and leave comments. This will help improve your account's visibility in the network. After you comment on theirs, they will like-follow-comment your account.

Most of these providers offer bots to automate account engagement. You pay them and give them your account information. Unfortunately, this means that you are giving up control of your Instagram account.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is home to many rivals. There are ways to gain more real Instagram followers without paying, but this takes time and may cause you to neglect other important aspects of Instagram, such as using hashtags and developing a solid content strategy.

Providing your Instagram followers with high-quality content is critical. No matter what tools you use, you will never amass a significant following on the platform if your content isn't outstanding. Always put the quality of your content first.

You can buy Instagram followers from reputable companies if your Instagram content is your top priority, which will allow your growth to continue unaffected by your Instagram performance. Instagram followers are purchased for various reasons, but one of the most common is to save time.

1. To Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram

Because they don't have many followers, likes, or comments on their page, Instagram users initially have difficulty getting attention and reaching many people. Instagram users who purchase Instagram followers will have many followers added to their accounts immediately, allowing them to reach a larger audience and attract more people to follow their account.

When you buy Instagram followers from any website, the number of people who follow your account will be displayed. Instagram users who have a large number of followers have an advantage because they can easily attract the attention of others.

2. To Save Both Time and Energy

Increasing your Instagram following takes time, patience, strategies, and dedication on Instagram users. Additionally, they'll have to invest money and time in marketing their page. They will undoubtedly gain supporters if they continue to put in the effort, but it will take time. Getting followers on Instagram can be a real challenge for new users who don't have the time or resources to devote to the process. In this way, they can quickly increase the number of followers on their account without spending much time or effort on marketing. Instagram users can buy followers speedily and easily with the help of third-party services.

3. To Improve One's Name and Reputation

The more followers an Instagram account has, the better-known the user is to the general public and other Instagram users. The goal of every Instagrammer is to gain as many likes, comments, and followers as possible so that they can improve their brand and become more well-known among their target audience. The more followers an Instagram user has, the more likes and comments they will receive on their posts. With many fans, likes, and comments on posts or content, Instagram users can attract more people to their account, increase their audience's engagement, and grow their following, all of which help them build their reputation.

Despite their best efforts, some Instagram users cannot reach a large audience since they have few followers. As a result, choosing the option to buy Instagram followers aid their efforts to increase account visits and grow their following. Influencers can build a solid reputation with their audience and gain notoriety when they buy Instagram followers.

4. It Aids In The Expansion of Businesses and Brands

Marketers and business people who use Instagram to promote their brands and products need many followers. Having fewer followers on your account or page makes it harder for marketers to get good feedback and attract customers. Buying Instagram followers is an excellent option for marketers and business people new to Instagram or few followers. Their reach and engagement increase and they get more customers as a result.

5. To Boost Your Online Presence

The online visibility of any account is determined by how many people share, view, and like the content posted by that account. Instagram users who want to get more views, likes, and shares on their posts should aim to have a large following because the number of followers they have directly impacted the number of views and likes they receive on their post. As a result, they can increase the online visibility of their Instagram account by purchasing Instagram followers.

6. More Organic Real-time Followers

Many Instagram influencers produce valuable and educational content for their followers, but with fewer followers, they cannot reach a large audience. Influencers can buy Instagram followers to increase their reach and the number of real followers on their accounts. Many people now check their current follower numbers on social media before following anyone new, and they use that information to gauge the popularity of the new follower. The activity of purchasing Instagram subscribers, therefore, aids influencers in attracting the kind of followers who are attracted to the accounts of those who already follow them.

7. The Goal of Completing the Project and Maintaining a Competitive Advantage

buy Instagram followers if you're a newcomer to the market or have a small following to help you compete with your competitors. Users and marketers can swiftly advance on social media platforms and generate money by drawing more real followers who like and comment on their posts or by obtaining customers who need their products and services, thanks to Instagram followers.

8. To Be Able To Make Money

For those of you who don't know, Instagram rewards its users who have a large number of followers, as well as those who like and comment on their posts frequently. When influencers buy Instagram followers, their posts receive more likes and comments as a result. Increasing the number of followers, likes, and comments on their posts helps them make more money. Buying Instagram followers helps companies increase sales and revenue. According to our previous discussion, Instagram users can increase their followers and improve their following on other social media platforms by purchasing Instagram followers. In other words, Instagram users' earnings rise as the number of their followers grows.

9. Face-Off Against Well-known Brands and Influencers

If you appear to be lower than your competitors, you will not compete with their higher number of followers. If you have a large following on Instagram, you may be able to compete with other users who have similar Instagram handles and gain more followers.

10. Upgrades to Algorithm Effectiveness

Because Instagram's algorithm prioritizes interaction, having a more significant number of active Instagram followers means your content will naturally reach a larger audience because more people engage with your post regularly. If you buy Instagram followers from a reputable company, your engagement may go up, which will increase your organic reach.

Buy Instagram Followers: Is it Safe?

It's a common misconception that buying Instagram followers from a third-party website will get you more authentic followers. However, this is not always the case. Everybody hates fake Instagram followers, but there have been several unscrupulous providers over the years who didn't always sell legit ones when they invested real money in growing their accounts.

There are many new sites on the block (like Twicsy) that offer a safe, friendly way to buy real Instagram followers quickly delivered to your account. If you want to see exponential growth in the number of followers on your Instagram profile, you need high-quality, legitimate accounts to follow your account. There are many benefits to using Instagram's algorithm, not the least of which is the ability to gain new followers organically without relying on paid advertising. Fake followers are inferior to legitimate ones.

So, in 2021, how risky is it to buy Instagram subscribers on the internet? The good news is that your Instagram profile is now more secure than it has ever been. Real Instagram followers are now easier to come by than ever before, making it an excellent choice for anyone hoping to up their social media marketing game and increase the number of Instagrammers who see their posts.

Is It Possible to Buy Instagram Followers from a Reputable Source?

Look for sites where you can get Instagram followers and make sure that you buy from the most reputable online providers. If you're looking to increase your Instagram follower count, here are some things to watch out for.


Verify that the site is secure when using a credit card. See if you can find a green lock icon to the left of your web address when using any of these platforms. There is a secure SSL connection between you and the site, which means that any communication between you and the site is encrypted for your protection. If the green "lock" is missing, consider it a turnoff.

See if You Can Find Something With a More Leisurely Delivery

If you want your new followers right away, that's great, but if you can avoid it, do it. To avoid looking suspicious if your page suddenly goes from 10 to 5000 followers, look for follower packages that "drip-feed" your new followers to you.

See If There Are Any Guarantees About Keeping Your Followers

If you don't want your new followers to leave your list, look for services that offer a retention guarantee, which ensures that you'll receive high-quality followers and sends you more if any of them drop off.

Always Try to Find a Way to Contact Customer Service

These sites must have a dedicated customer service team on hand because customers may have questions at any time. Ensure that every service provider you are considering has a support team available to assist you if you ever need it.

As a rule of thumb, look for companies that offer fair pricing and have received positive feedback from previous customers who purchased their services online. It is a great way to make sure you're working with an Instagram follower service that's worth your time and money.

What's The Difference with Real Followers Vs Fake Followers?

Real Instagram followers are preferable to a large number of fake ones, but buying counterfeit followers has additional drawbacks that you should avoid at all costs. It's critical to pick the right company to buy Instagram followers from and realize what you get when many firms claim to have real followers but only provide low-quality ones. Genuine Instagram followers are essential for the reasons listed below:


In Instagram, it's straightforward to spot fake followers; if people look at your followers and notice that you've bought Instagram likes, your reputation will suffer. People without a profile picture, no content, and a higher following number are all signs that your account is fake. It's critical if you're an influencer or want to be one because it could impact your collaboration ability.

The Proportion of People who Follow You to Those Who Engage With Your Content

Think about a scenario where you have 100,000 followers, and your posts receive an average of 100 likes and no comments. You'll be written off as a fraud if your follower-to-interaction ratio is too low. Getting rid of thousands of fake followers is a time- and money-consuming process.

Algorithms' performance

If you buy Instagram followers who don't engage and never bring in more real followers, you will do better in the Instagram algorithm. A string of zero results will appear instead. While a temporary boost is fine now and then, having phony supporters distorts your long-term results and statistics.

Instagram's Terms of Service

There are no fake followers allowed on Instagram, and the platform frequently removes accounts with large numbers of them. If you buy low-quality Instagram followers, you'll be wasting your money because you won't gain any new followers.

As a result, you should always pay attention to how a company offers its services, how it gains customers and the quality of its customers. See if a company has a good reputation by reading through customer testimonials.

Avoid these mistakes when buying Instagram followers

This allows you to cover certain parts of your Instagram engagement strategy. It isn't always easy, and you might find yourself with an advantage if you aren't very knowledgeable about social media marketing. A more positive rating on their website is a key indicator that you are looking for a company to help with buying Instagram followers.

It is important to look beyond the website into third-party forums. These forums may often give you an honest assessment of the authenticity of the website. It is important to find a company that is both affordable and reasonable in price. Finally, it's important not to spend too much to get Instagram followers.

It is best to pick a price that's in the middle of your budget. Too low a price can often indicate poor quality, and too high a cost can usually mean you are overpaying for your engagement.

Consider these factors before you choose the Instagram growth service. Because so many companies offer too little value for their money, it can be difficult to determine which Instagram growth services are worth your efforts.

Many Instagram growth companies make false claims and don't offer the services advertised. Therefore, it's important to research and understand what you should look for when choosing growth services.

These are the top three factors to consider when choosing which Instagram growth service will benefit your account and which will risk it.

Information and frequently asked questions

When assessing the reputation of an Instagram growth company, the information and FAQs on the website are the most important things to look for. You should seek out a lot of information and the great information that describes the service and its operation.

If the website isn't clear, doesn't describe the service in detail, uses buzzwords to make it attractive and does not tell you what to expect when you use the service, they don't have much to offer you.

Methods for Growth

Next, you need to look for a way to increase your Instagram engagement and followers. Unfortunately, Instagram is very strict about third-party services and firms engaging with the platform. As a result, certain growth services might claim to deliver results even though they don't have the means.

An Instagram growth service is better because it allows for organic, controlled development. Your Instagram account could be at risk if you use bulk delivery services. This is because no one can control the quality of your followers. Instagram will report or ban your account.

Terms and Conditions

It would help if you did not forget to read the terms and conditions of service. To ensure the truth of what the company claims on its website, make sure you read the terms and conditions. You will find many promises on the site that are not supported by the terms and conditions.

If you are unhappy with the service, it is worth checking whether there are any refund policies or guarantees. Most companies will say they will back up your purchase, but that doesn't mean their terms of service are invalid.


You can purchase as many Instagram followers as you want and at any time to get more exposure on social media. However, if you're looking for a way to boost your following quickly, we recommend buying some real active Instagram followers today!

How to Get Better Results when You Buy Instagram Followers

You greatly increase your chances of success when you buy Instagram followers because not only will you be saving tons of time by delegating your Instagram growth, but you’ll have more people checking out your content regularly.

One big mistake that many Instagram users make after they buy Instagram followers is to sit back and think their work is done. In reality, your work is just beginning!

It’s vital that you invest the time you’ve saved into creating a winning Instagram strategy that will generate long-term growth and deliver real results. With more people viewing your Instagram content, you can better monetize your platform and drive revenue.

In order to maximize your results, it’s imperative that you turn your attention to your Instagram methods and tactics to ensure that you’re doing all the right things to set yourself up for success.

Below we’ve included the top 20 action items for you to implement if you want to solidify your reputation on Instagram and reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. You can start working on them today!

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Because your main profile page is the first thing that users see when they click on your username, it’s important that it’s optimized for gaining followers through a complete and well-rounded, credible appearance.

If your profile page isn’t up to par, users are probably not going to follow you. The following are some things you should solidify on your Instagram profile:

  • Profile Picture: Make sure your profile picture easily represents your brand, business, or content at first glance, and be sure that the image is readable, clear, and professional.
  • Username and Bio:
  • Your username should also represent your brand identity and be easy to remember so users can find you later. Your bio should clearly disclose information that’s necessary and/or attractive to your viewers, helping them to discover what you’re all about.
  • Link in Bio:
  • If you have any relevant external links that users may need, don’t forget to put it here, as this is the only spot that clickable links can be placed on Instagram.
  • Instagram Story Highlights:
  • You can use previously-posted IG stories to create albums that appear under your Instagram Bio. This is a great way to allow users to revisit content you’ve previously posted, and you can use album covers that reflect your brand to add to your profile’s aesthetic.
  • Overall Grid Aesthetic:
  • Your Instagram grid as a whole should show off a cohesive and appealing brand aesthetic so that people are attracted to your profile. If your content looks disjointed, you aren’t likely to get people to recognize your content at first glance, nor return to check out more.

Make sure your account is set up as a professional account so that you can have access to additional contact features available, as well as access to Instagram insights.

Ultimately, the goal of your Instagram profile should be for users to immediately access information they need and be captivated by what you have to offer. This leads to better long-term results when you buy Instagram followers.

2. Develop a Content Calendar

You need your content to come out at the opportune moment. You should research when your content gets the most traffic, using Instagram insights or a third-party analytics tool to understand your overall account performance and engagement rates.

Then, create a posting schedule, and always adhere to it. When you have a solid amount of content posted to your profile regularly, your followers will be waiting for your content, even expecting it. You’ll get more engagement, and ultimately perform better against the algorithm, expanding your natural reach.

That means you need to know when your target audience is typically on Instagram. After you have gained Instagram followers, monitor your analytics so that you can get a breakdown of the most active times for your audience. You can find this in Instagram insights.

Once you’ve identified when your target audience is online, you should create a content schedule that gets your posts live when the majority of target users are browsing Instagram. This helps to boost engagement and develop a strong performance against the Instagram algorithm.

3. Schedule Instagram Posts in Advance

You can use a scheduling tool like Later, which will not only schedule your posts but can also auto-post single photo and video content. You can use the tool to visually inspect your Instagram grid to make sure it looks cohesive.

This is vital because you want to organize your content in advance so that it comes out and you know just how your followers will view it. You can’t do this without using a third-party tool, as Instagram doesn’t have a preview function.

You can get Instagram followers and also use other third party tools to enhance your performance, which is exactly what you can do when using an Instagram scheduler.

These types of services may also help you with things like hashtag generation, analytics, auto-posting, link in bio, and more.

Not only that, you can save additional time by shooting your content in advance, scheduling your posts, and having things ready to go. You don’t have to do it right before you post, and all of your content will be set up and ready for posting, minimizing the time you spend on Instagram.

4. Define Your Target Audience

It’s vital that you use listening strategies and techniques to understand who your target audience is, what they’re looking for, as well as what type of content will resonate most with them. Even if you buy Instagram followers, you need to ensure you understand who is following your account.

The first thing you can do is to check out other influencers and competing accounts in your niche to see what kind of content they are typically posting. In addition, review relevant hashtag feeds to see what time of content appears there.

You can also use a tool such as Sprout Social— they offer you listening tools that can help you follow conversations from your followers and see what’s going on in your niche and what people are saying.

But you don’t necessarily need a third party— look at your own Instagram insights and see which posts perform better and get more engagements. It’s likely that’s the content your target audience really enjoys.

You can ask your followers for feedback directly using Instagram stories, which is an innovative way to gain engagement and get direct insight from your followers. Add Instagram story stickers like polls, questions, and more, using the feedback to better create relevant content.

To determine more about your target audience, ask yourself these questions:

  • How old are they?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are their likes/dislikes?
  • What are their needs and/or pain points?
  • What type of content do they typically engage with?
  • What are some common accounts that they also like to follow?
  • Which hashtags are they likely to check out?

These types of questions will help you to determine a target audience so that you can better create content that will be well-received. When you get Instagram followers, always reassess your target audience to ensure that you’re still on track.

5. Identify Target Hashtags

It’s not a groundbreaking concept that hashtags increase Instagram followers; in reality, that’s exactly why they were created— to build connections between users and help them to find content that is valuable and relevant to their viewing preferences.

When you buy Instagram followers, you’ll already have better reach for your content, so do you still need hashtags? Of course, your answer should be a resounding yes— you can double your content’s reach when you know which hashtags to use.

But, how can you develop an effective hashtag strategy after you buy Instagram followers? There are a couple key elements that you need to keep in mind if you want to reach users from your target audience.

Here we’ll break down three of the most important criteria for a winning hashtag strategy.

Avoid overly-used hashtags.

Many popular hashtags on Instagram, including ones like #love, #beauty, #instagood, #OOTD, and others, are inundated with photos from users all around the world. Thus, the hashtag feed is continuously being refreshed to include new posts being published with the tag.

Posting with only hashtags that are extremely saturated will cause your content to get minimal reach simply because there are too many new posts that don’t allow it to be seen with priority in the feed..

Therefore, it’s important to use hashtags that are more specifically connected to your niche, ones that your target audience users are likely to follow or see. If your posts consistently appear in a hashtag feed that target users are following, you’re likely to increase your follower count.

Find ways to make popular hashtags more unique to your niche and brand, and do your research. Think of some hashtags you’d like to use, and check out how many posts are attached to it. See what kind of engagement posts are getting, and make sure that the engagement is coming from users in your target audience.

Use the right number of hashtags

Even experts still can’t agree on the right number of hashtags. At the end of the day, it's really up to you to observe what works best for you. The maximum you can use is 30, but the general consensus is that anywhere from 1-11 is an ideal number. Remember, if you keep them focused on your niche, that should be a good number to reach the people you need to.

You can input these hashtags directly into your caption, creatively weaving them throughout your caption’s text. Alternatively, you could simply list them after your caption; this can be done through creating space and pushing them down below the caption or after the “see more” button next to your caption.

If you don’t want your caption to be polluted with hashtags, you can also put them in the comment section after your post goes live. This is known as the “first comment” strategy.

Create a branded hashtag

A branded hashtag can generate a lot of interest around your campaign and can also be a provider of UGC (user-generated content). This will boost engagement and get people talking about you, your brand, and even relevant campaigns. More on UGC later.

6. Create Effective Content for Your Audience

Content creation is everything on Instagram, no matter if you buy Instagram followers or not. You must have a top-quality content creation strategy if you want to succeed on the platform, plain and simple.

As we discussed earlier, knowing your audience will help you to create the best type of content, helping you to get higher levels of engagement and even gain more regular viewers, leading to potential clients, conversions, and ultimately revenue.

An effective way to determine which content is most effective is to use A/B testing; over the course of a week or two, choose two types of content that you want to post. They should be similar in nature so that you can determine which one gets better reception.

Then, you can devise a content strategy that works for you, delivering high engagement rates after you buy the followers.

7. Use a Range of Content Formats

It’s very important to consider how Instagram evolves and what content formats are offered to users. Instagram has especially put a focus on video expansion on the platform. Because of the emergence of apps like Snapchat and TikTok, Instagram has been making a conscious effort to expand these features, and on the whole, it’s been well-received.

Content formats including Instagram stories, IGTV, as well as Instagram reels provide users with the opportunity to expand their video content production, which shows a level of professionalism once you buy Instagram followers and have more people checking out your content.

On the whole, it’s recommended that you feature more video content on your profile. There are a few simple ways that you can do this.

You can create an IGTV video series that is released every week so that you’ll get viewers back to your profile perpetually. IGTV is a long-form video format that allows you to do this, offering you more time for whatever you decide to do.

You can choose one topic, and create a variety of “episodes” around the topic; you can choose a how-to topic, or even go through the steps in a process or a behind-the-scenes.

Additionally, using collaborations or interviews with relevant influencers or IG users that are connected to your business is effective, creating IGTV episodes that discuss relevant topics. You’re only limited by your own creativity.

Use the A/B testing mentioned above to make decisions about which types of content work best for you. Then, take that information and implement it when shooting your content. The more valuable to your audience your content is, the more likely you’ll continue to gain fans and engagement even after you buy followers.

Instagram reels is another new feature that has really taken off in the past year, helping you to boost your performance. These videos are geared towards the TikTok-style video in that they are short, multi-clip videos with audio and effects edited in. It’s a popular, trending way to boost your performance when you buy followers.

Reels can be a really free and creative way to show your business’s personality and connect authentically with your target audience. You can show who you are, be genuine, and make connections that otherwise wouldn’t exist within your IG community.

Another popular type of content format is how-tos and educational topics that can easily be shot using Instagram reels. You can showcase your products, describe how to use them, and more. They are a high-performing content format.

Instagram has created many options for brands and businesses to showcase their reputation and personality on the platform, including Instagram live, IGTV, reels, Instagram stories, in-feed video, shoppable posts, and more. So, if you’re not comfortable with videos, start looking up some YouTube tutorials and get familiar, because video is not going anywhere!

If you want to gain Instagram followers, it’s vital that you expand your content strategy to regularly incorporate video content.

8. Pen Captions that Move People

Instagram still remains a mainly visual platform, and there are many elements that are shaped by aesthetics and visual cohesion. Even still, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the way that text is used on the platform.

You’ll definitely gain more reach when you buy Instagram followers, but how can you turn that reach into something that impacts your new viewers?

One of the most important ways for you to speak to your followers is through Instagram captions. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but with captions, they’re worth even more.

Users of Instagram want to hear your brand’s voice and they want to feel your brand authenticity. They crave to hear the story behind the photo, your perspective, why you posted it, and what it means to you and even to them.

One way to evoke these emotions and meanings is to use emojis. In fact, over half of Instagram captions contain emojis, so you’re free to use them! Just keep in mind you don’t want to over-saturate your caption with them. Use them in an impactful way.

What’s more, the average caption length has virtually doubled since Instagram’s early days, so longer captions can be more effective for audience engagement.

Longer captions can build stronger relationships through a connection with your brand values and stories. This is a win for authenticity as well.

Now, all of this information doesn’t mean you must include a novel in each of your Instagram captions. Actually, it’s recommended that you switch back and forth between long and short captions as a best practice. Remember, the goal is authenticity, so don’t feel obligated— do what’s right and what makes sense.

There are some days when maybe you want to be more direct, and fun, getting right to the point. On other occasions, you may want to expand a bit and tell the story behind the photo, empower your followers through motivating and supportive words, or describe something in detail, be it product details or social views.

It’s also advisable to let your followers know your stance on issues, particularly because it makes an impact on your followers and viewers. An astounding 70% of consumers want to know the actions brands/businesses take in reference to the causes they support, and 46% pay close attention to how brands are taking part in social responsibility.

You can create content that highlights these issues and expand on them through your captions, a great strategy to build upon your results after you buy followers. Your captions speak volumes!

Instagram allows you to use your social media platform not only to post great visuals, but to give your brand a solid voice and show your community what you do to support righteous causes, as well as how your followers can contribute. If you want to boost brand loyalty and trust, this is a great way to do so.

Don’t forget to check out your Instagram analytics to see which type of captioning gains you the best results.

Calls To Action

Another important part of Instagram captioning is getting people to actually do something after they see your post. After all, when you buy Instagram followers, your goal is to deliver real, tangible results in the way of more engagement, more sales, and more revenue.

Calls to action (CTAs) can help you to do exactly that. Even if you think it’s clear what your followers should do after seeing your posts, some people may not feel the same way! You should never assume. Always give directions to your viewers through CTAs.

For example, what’s the goal of your post? Do you want your followers to like the post? Tell them “double tap if…!”

Are you trying to drive people to an external link? Let them know! “Don’t forget to check out the link in my bio.” You can even say, “find out all the details via the bio link!”

There are many different ways you can get people to take action after viewing your Instagram content, so once you buy the followers, don’t put it to waste— always include a CTA in every Instagram post so that you can start to see better results right away.

9. Be Authentic

Along that same thread, it’s important that your content is authentic and relatable. This will come naturally when you know your target audience, so it’s vital that you analyze your metrics after you buy Instagram followers.

Authenticity is the key to social media simply because users are looking for a reflection of themselves in the content; they want to identify with you, find a bond between your business and their needs, and then support the companies they feel that they can connect with

If you are putting out generic content with generic captions, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to gain traction whether you have Instagram followers or not.

This comes down to establishing a brand voice through your profile and captioning, as we mentioned above, and creating content that is a true reflection of that. Don’t just post content that you think people want to see; stay true to your brand and business!

Show people behind-the-scenes, do employee spotlights, feature your products and how they can help, and more. When you create authentic content, you’ll definitely see the improvement in your Instagram metrics.

10. Feature People in Your Content

On that same note of authenticity from tip 9, don’t forget to show your audience who is behind the profile! Instagram is, by nature, a social media platform, and people are looking to make real social bonds, even more so now with brands and businesses.

You’ll gain higher engagement levels when you show people in your content; according to Omnicore, posts and videos featuring people gain 38% more likes than posts that don’t include them. Because one of the main factors of the Instagram algorithm is linked to engagement, posts incorporating people are going to be ranked as more valuable.

So, how can you incorporate more people into your content without being corny, against your typical brand image, or off putting? See some of the top strategies below.

You can use your Instagram stories, reels, and IGTV to feature people. You can also feature people in your content through modeling, UGC, or featuring people involved in your brand or behind the scenes.

For example, let’s say you buy Instagram followers and gain a whole new audience for your content. Start to incorporate images that include not only your product, but also people using it! That will have a bigger impact on your viewers.

What’s more, you can use people to provide updates on your brand in Instagram stories, or even Instagram live to connect in real-time with your followers and converse with them.

If your company has employees or representatives, feature them in your content! When you get Instagram followers, people want to learn more about you, and people connect more with other people as opposed to just objects. That way, your followers can identify with you.

Even if you’re a bit skeptical or shy about putting faces onto your Instagram profile, just remember— it may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but it’s ultimately freeing and will bring you more opportunities down the line.

If you’re able to incorporate a mix of content that includes people as well as products, events, services, and more, your success will be great when you have Instagram followers.

11. Partner with Other Brands and Creators

Don’t devalue the impact of partnering with other brands, businesses, and creators in your niche. When you have a product or service, if you do collaborations with others that hold authority, you can build a stronger reputation.

After all, why wouldn’t people want to come back to your account and see other creators that they love?

It’s important to note that Influencer engagement rates often surpass 3%, which is really powerful because when your brand gets featured or tagged in their content or stories, the audience the influencer harnesses is likely to take action and engage with these posts, which will then funnel traffic to your profile.

You can create mutually beneficial partnerships with these other creators, and you may even consider running a giveaway that will help to drive traffic and increase interest in both of your partnerships. These are known as Instagram loop giveaways.

It’s common nowadays that brand partners and influencers are looking for relationships that will last for quite some time. This is mainly due to the fact that consistent collaborations and long-term campaign projects will keep followers coming back to check in and see about the latest updates.

It’s common nowadays that brand partners and influencers are looking for relationships that will last for quite some time. This is mainly due to the fact that consistent collaborations and long-term campaign projects will keep followers coming back to check in and see about the latest updates.

These actions not only encourage follower engagement, but it also helps to build shared brand credibility and solidify your reputation as a reliable and valuable brand or business.

Collaborations and campaigns done with partners should always be as authentic as possible, and they should appeal to your followers’ interests and provide value to their experience on the Instagram platform.

Avoid making partnerships that are too far outside of your niche, don’t reach users in your target audience, or want to create campaigns that lean heavily towards sales and marketing. Remember, you want to show your followers that you actually have a relationship with this partner or influencer, and that you have a connection.

If your partnership efforts come off as trying too hard to make sales, it will turn off potential followers. You want to find a balance between enjoyable content that helps to feature both partners, but also encourages followers to take action.

Having a hard time making valuable partnerships and can’t secure any type of shared campaigns? Never fear— try sharing content from brands or influencers you’d ultimately like to partner with.

Take your favorite pieces of their content and share it to your feed, using apps like Repost to share content and give credit to original posters. You could also share the post in your feed and give credit to the original poster.

They’ll be notified that you shared and may even repost the share! This is a great way to get more exposure.

This will generate interest in the original poster’s account, and also help to get you on their radar, setting the groundwork for a partnership if you can show that the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

12. Engage with Your Community

Users of Instagram expect brands and businesses to stay active and reachable on the platform. Therefore, you need to ensure that you respond to followers and IG users if they leave a comment on your feed; if they send you a story reaction, you can simply like it, and that counts as a response!

You’ll get better results when you get Instagram followers and show your new fans that you are an active presence to be connected with.

If you receive a DM, respond quickly and personally. Try to avoid overly generic responses. According to Statista, consumers are looking for a quick turnaround in responses from businesses on social media, with 20% saying immediately, and 24% within an hour.

Another 30% expect a response within the same day. Thus, it’s apparent that if you’re serious about building a reputable Instagram presence, your engagement and response time can have a big impact.

If you don’t respond to your messages/comments/responses at all, you look unprofessional, irresponsible, or perhaps even disconnected from your brand’s Instagram presence. If you ignore questions, comments, and reactions for users who are not yet followers, you’re not likely to convert them.

Engagement on your end is a non-negotiable whether you buy Instagram followers or not. It’s the lifeblood of Instagram.

13. Cross Promote

While Instagram is an extremely popular platform, there’s no doubt that other social media platforms have a high level of engagement and usage stats as well. If you have a well-rounded social media strategy, you can use your other networks to promote your Instagram.

Because both Facebook and Instagram belong to the parent company Meta, posting between the two platforms is almost second nature. You can easily share your Instagram posts and stories to Facebook directly when you post on Instagram, helping you to drive traffic between the two platforms.

It’s still easy even if you use outside platforms— you’re using platforms like YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok, you can link your Instagram and funnel traffic to and from those platforms as well.

Some of the most successful Instagram users started out as YouTube stars, so it does represent the strong potential for using cross-platform traffic to build multiple platforms.

In addition to social media cross-promotion, you should include your social media links in all of your copy. If you’re sending out email blasts or marketing, include a link to your Instagram and other relevant social networks.

If you have an e-commerce store or website, make it easy for viewers and shoppers to access your Instagram. Encourage them to follow you, and encourage them to tag you when they post on the platform. Again, using these types of cross-promotion strategies can help get you more UGC, which will boost engagement and conversion.

After you have gained Instagram followers, keep up your cross promotion efforts to drive even more traffic between your networks, helping to solidify your reputation not only on Instagram but on other relevant social media platforms.

Pro Tip: You can get even more out of your cross-promotion efforts when you create content that is only available on Instagram. Promote this content on other networks so that users have no choice but to visit your platform to see it!

Keep your branding consistent across all networks, and try to use the same profile image if possible for brand continuity.

14. Understand the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm seems to be something that’s a bit mysterious and can impact us without us really understanding it, but after you get Instagram followers, you may want to know a bit more about how it works.

The Instagram algorithm is what dictates who sees what content on the platform. After you get Instagram followers, you need to keep your performance up so that those new fans will see your content in your feed.

Instagram decides which users will see your content based on a variety of ranking signals, including:

  • Information about the post: photo or video? When was it posted? How much engagement does it have?
  • Information about the OP (original poster): how much interaction does the user have with the OP? Do many people follow the OP? How often do users engage with the OP’s content?
  • User activity: what is the typical behavior of the user, and what gets the most engagement from the user?
  • User interaction history: do you generally like or comment on posts?

Using these types of signals, the algorithm will assign a score of interest to different content, determining the makeup of the user’s Instagram feed.

When your content has more engagement from a user, it will be prioritized for their feed. It will appear at the top of their feed, as Instagram believes the user likes it. This is why having high engagement levels is vital.

Not only that, consider the relationship— does the user typically search for your account? Do they always view your stories? Have they ever DM’d you or commented on a post?

All of these driving factors determine how successful your performance on Instagram is and how many of your fans will see your posts after you buy the followers. Remember, if no one sees your content, you won’t have much luck reaching your goals!

Always include the tips above for generating more engagement and get people excited about your brand!

15. Feature User-Generated Content

Last but not least, user-generated content is an optimal way to get people excited about your brand, feel like part of the community, and become a loyal customer. When an IG user gets featured on your account, they feel like they belong!

When you sell a physical product, it’s easy to gain UGC, especially if your followers post after they buy your product. You can encourage this by thanking them for their purchase and letting them know to post using your username / hashtag for a chance to be featured.

Even if you don’t sell physical products, there are still plenty of ways to feature user-generated content (UGC) after you buy followers. For example, you can feature specific content on your blog and encourage readers to post with the tag, or share people enjoying time at your physical location.

If you’re a barber, for example, you can feature people getting a haircut, or you can encourage them to share their “after” photo on Instagram and tag you so that you can share it on the business account!

You just have to ask your followers and customers to provide you with UGC. Don’t underestimate the power of including a challenge in your posts or stories, giving instructions and asking users to tag you.

Not only that, UGC has proven benefits even when you buy Instagram followers. 86% of companies today implement UGC in their strategy. What’s more, engagement has been shown to increase by 28% when using UGC as opposed to typical company-branded posts. Even more interesting, it has a 4.5% higher conversion rate. That is an extremely vital statistic!

UGC is a way to increase your authenticity and help people relate better to your brands. And the more your followers see other users featured, they will be more likely to participate in the same way and feel represented.

Another way to get UGC is by creating a filter for Instagram stories that’s connected to your brand. Even if you’ve never done it, you can do it using Spark AR studio pretty easily.

After you create the filter, anyone can access the filter! Create your stories that use your filter and it may just catch on as the next content creation trend on Instagram.

You can also create brand-specific stickers and GIFs that encourage users to interact with your brand and may lead to more UGC.

As with many things on our list, everything is up to your creativity! Give the fans you’ve gained after you buy followers a way to have fun with your brand! Featuring users on your IG will get people excited, start conversations involving your brand, and is likely to encourage other users to start creating their own content as well!

will get people excited, start conversations involving your brand, and is likely to encourage other users to start creating their own content as well!

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